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Information on Russell Crowe

One way you can find information on Russell Crowe is through Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt's official website:  http://www.gruntland.com.  Here is an article on their new CD, Other Ways of Speaking:

Russell Crowe EbookI just finished listening to Other Ways of Speaking for the first time and TOFOG continues to surprise me.  Why?  Because their three CDs have a unique feel.  Gaslight has the edgy rawness of a new band, i.e., of individuals getting together to see what they can do together.  Bastard Life or Clarity is like a search--like the title suggests, a period of choice.  Other Ways of Speaking sounds more refined, in the sense that the band feels so comfortable together that they blend well--thanks partly to the recording studio.  Their comfort level shows in the fact they add a wonderful duet with a female voice, they experiment with Crowe's voice such as in track 3--Mission Beat, and they're not afraid to sing of topics such as track 11--Unfaithful Man.  Another way of speaking is also conveyed in track 14--Farm Noises.  This speaks for itself--the lively stillness of a quiet farm.

Other things that stay in my mind are the lyrics, such as the combination of words of "desert heat causing shiver," and of course, there is the personality of Crowe's voice.

Also, the live feel of Folsom Prison Blues in contrast with the previous songs shows how the energy of studio and live completely differ--both have something to offer and TOFOG was right in adding a live song.  The impact of the last song makes it so much more enjoyable because of its live energy.

Lastly, if a five-year old boy's reaction means anything, the one song my older son sings ever since he was three years old is track 8--What You Want Me To Forget--from Gaslight.  He likes the rhythm and sings the chorus.  So during those times when I need to change his focus into thinking something else besides being frustrated with his little brother, I turn on track 8.  Magically, he'll sing the chorus and forget about his little brother.  Who said art didn't have a practical purpose? 

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