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russell crowe prose and passion

In the spirit of John Nash’s mathematical equations, I was trying to come up with a formula to describe my experience after seeing TOFOG in Chicago.  The following equation was the closest I could find: 

charisma + passion in one’s work = Russell Crowe and TOFOG at House of Blues in Chicago on Monday night, August 18, 2003.

To expound this equation with the help of the dictionary, it reads: 

charisma (the power to inspire devotion and enthusiasm) + passion (strong emotion.  great enthusiasm for something) = Russell Crowe and all the members of his band, crew, staff, at a great musical venue in a great city on one, excellent night. 

Divide this with the audience and you end up with individuals nourished with a kind of “TOFOG high.”

How does one define this “TOFOG high?”  There were many moments when the power of their live music was at a point, when everything worked—the mix of the band, Russell Crowe’s singing and dancing, the lyrics, and those very loud beats that you cannot have anywhere else but during live shows.  (At least I’m young enough still to appreciate this kind of sheer energy.  When I get old maybe I may have to plug my ears with my fingers as one elderly lady next to me had to do—She flew from California chaperoned by her daughter).

If you're like me, you are probably still enjoying your “TOFOG high” long after the show.  For me, I want to listen to their music, but it’s just not the same on the CD as live.  So I haven’t picked up the CD because I’m still soaking in all of the show.  When I’m done doing this (writing helps), I’ll pick up the CD again.  A question we are all asking--will TOFOG put out a live CD in the future?

I can still see clearly Russell Crowe shaking his hair all around – he’s definitely a great performer—the lighthearted moments—towel throwing, talking about Idaho potato billboard, lone ranger theme, when RC pretended to sing without the microphone as a staff member was switching microphones.

Also, TOFOG showed their generosity by their two, long encores, and their support for the musician who was their opening act.  Not only that, as any guitar teacher would tell you, anyone can play the notes, but warmth of tone and connection with your audience is what you are really reaching for.  TOFOG did both.  And if you add Russell Crowe’s penetrating lyrics into the mix, consider yourself fortunate.

Thank you TOFOG for a great show.

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