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A Beautiful Mind Summary of Artistic Details

A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe Ebook"Just want to let you know I finished the RC ebook.  I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot of new things about RC.  Your research was thorough and your writing style is superb."  Linda Carol Smith, Huntsville, Alabama, LCS3411@aol.com.

A Beautiful Mind summary of the movie's artistic details in How To Watch Movies as A Director, Actor, Screenwriter electronic book.  This summary walks the fan through the entire movie from beginning to end, which includes plot, Crowe's acting, Howard's directing, and many other, intrinsic details:

Like Chocolat, of all the movies included in this electronic book, this movie holds so many details that not only is this movie a great piece of entertainment, but more importantly, a great piece of artistic expression.  This statement can be supported by the details that will be brought to the viewer’s consciousness so that the movie can be enjoyed from the perspective of artistic expression the next time it is viewed.  By doing this, the movie can be enjoyed at a much wider angle.  The details that make this movie great are as follows:    

  1. The connection between the similar “speech” scenes at the beginning and ending.
  2. The repeated phrases of “original idea” and “governing dynamics.”
  3. Crowe’s hand gesture of his semi-fisted hand on his forehead.
  4. The board game scenes of Nash and Martin.
  5. Nash’s pick-up line.
  6. Nash picking up light, highlighted letters and numbers in his mind.
  7. The significance of the two trees in the outdoor, picnic scene.
  8. The handkerchief.
  9. The word, “believe,” in the marriage proposal scene and the bedroom scene.
  10. The 360 degree panning of the camera.
  11. The pen scenes at the faculty lounge.
  12. Nash’s desk in his room.
  13. Parcher, Charles, and Marcee.
  14. D.H. Lawrence.
  15. The phrase, “When was the last time you ate?”

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