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Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jude Law and Road To Perdition

Thanks to the movie, Road To Perdition, Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jude Law and everyone involved in this movie, anyone who chooses to watch Hollywood's artistic best at work can appreciate the high level of artistic expression in this movie

The gun/blood scenes were plenty and it would have been preferred not to see them, but in this movie, they were necessary.  Also, because the gun/blood scenes were artistically portrayed, they could be "accepted."  The scene where Jude Law actually kills the man he is about to photograph is understandably needed to show Law's character, that in some way, he is worse than Hanks' character.  Still, it is one of those scenes that's hard to watch. 

Overall, the actors were excellent.  Paul Newman, in his elderly years, does not have his good looks to get in the way of his work.  Although for his age he is still very attractive.  He really shines in this movie.  When he tells Hanks, "I'm glad it's you," right before Hanks kills him, it summarizes all the complicated relationships of the characters. 

Tom Hanks is his classic, great self.  His stardom and Hollywood-dom does not interfere with his character.  Applause to him for not spoiling the movie with the baggage of his successful career.  His cold-blooded scenes are convincing.

Jude Law is believable and is completely unlike his good-looking-good-guy role in Enemy At The Gates.

The director clearly took time to pick beautiful shots and camera angles.  For example, when the son is witnessing his father's work through a peep hole.  Another example is the sunlight shining on the floor on the left side of the screen and on the right side of the screen is the son sitting on the bed in a room waiting for his father.

There is the window shot at the end where Tom Hanks watches the lake and the water is reflected on the window.  This is just too eerily peaceful.  The director has effectively hinted to the audience the inevitable.

Throughout the doomed endings of the main characters, Michael rises above it all in the end.  This happy ending is a must after all that bloodshed.

If you leave this movie feeling like you've just been entertained at a high level, and it leaves you feeling tired that the only thing you want to do is head straight home and ignore all the ten million errands afterwards that you had planned to do, then this movie truly affected you.

Because there will be no Russell Crowe films coming out any time soon, thanks to Road To Perdition for stopping the drought.

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