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Russell Crowe and Southpark

Russell Crowe EbookIn one of Jay Leno's "Campus Jaywalking" segments, he asked a college student via satellite if she liked Crowe.  The student answered that she didn't like Crowe because she blamed him for taking Meg Ryan away from Dennis Quaid.

This student's answer is what, I, myself, would have answered years ago when I was a college student.  Why?  Because at the time, I lived in an idyllic world.

But I'm not giving up on this student.  In time, hopefully she'll realize her reasoning is one-sided.

However, for college students who watched Comedy Central's animated show, Southpark, that featured a satire on Crowe's temper where he goes around the world beating up everyone, these students already know the world isn't ideal.

Crowe can't help bringing this truth to everyone's attention.

Southpark can't help it either.

Southpark copes with humor.

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