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One View On Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe EbookJason Gray-Stanford worked with Crowe in two movies, Mystery, Alaska, and A Beautiful Mind, and here is what he says:

"I've worked with him twice now, and I've had an exquisite time both times."

"He's a private guy, he's a family guy.  He loves his farm and his family and his friends."

"For all the naysayers out there who believe that Russell is that gruff character, that speech (Oscar Acceptance speech) summed up a lot of who he is."

"He is truly loyal, incredibly generous, quite humble and has so much integrity.  Those qualities are why I respect him so much.”

"I wish I could be as honest as he is."

If these words are the qualities you are looking for in an actor, Crowe can’t help himself but show these qualities on the screen.

So next time you hear fans jeer at Crowe, or read any negative story about him, there is always more than one point of view.

Consider his interview with Jay Leno to promote A Beautiful Mind.  They talked about this reporter who printed a story about the cows that hurt one of Crowe's farm hands.  Crowe was able to tell his side, that in fact, his cows are not violent but “over-cared” for, and they don’t have horns so they couldn’t have rammed anyone.  So at least in this one instance, Crowe was able to give his side of the story.

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