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Success of Dreamworks Gladiator Movie

Russell Crowe EbookThere are many theories and reasons.  Here is one.

What kinds of movies were some of the biggest hits before Dreamworks produced Gladiator?  Most of the movies were action/adventure.  So was Gladiator, but it offered the emotional level as performed by actor, Crowe, shot by Ridley Scott and supported by Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen and Richard Harris and completed by everyone else involved in the film.

So what kind of movie was needed to ween audiences from the great action movies into a new kind of action movie?  The answer is Gladiator.  It showed action, but it also gave the emotional element as illustrated by Crowe. 

So at least audiences were transitioned from some of the best action movies and then to Gladiator to prepare them for movies like A Beautiful Mind.  What I mean is, audiences who were used to bombs and automatic weapons needed both the Gladiator action scenes and the emotional, leading character to make them more responsive to movies like A Beautiful Mind, where guns and explosions don’t occur. 

Now that a part of the movie-going audience has been weened, what next?

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