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Discovery of Gladiator Actor, Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe EbookThere are many reasons of why this actor has become a movie star. One reason Crowe has become such a great success is because he was still relatively unknown when the movie, Gladiator hit the world.  He was probably just happy to stay employed as an actor as he was filming Proof of Life when Gladiator became a big hit.

Why can I claim this?  There are many examples.  Remember Bruce Willis in the movie, Die Hard?  Of course Moonlighting helped, but he was a big discovery on the big screen.  Same with Harrison Ford and Star Wars, Arnold Scwarzeneger and Terminator, Sylvester Stallone and Rocky, Pierce Brosnan and James Bond.  All these wonderful actors have talents to give to the industry and when each one was first discovered or finally hit their blockbusters, for sure these men can have a conversation with Crowe about their experiences.

It would be interesting to listen in on the dialogue.

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