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The SPQR Scene in Gladiator Movie

Russell Crowe EbookGladiator has many, memorable shots and scenes and one of them is the scene where actor, Crowe is scraping off his upper arm the letters, SPQR, “Senate and People of Rome.”

Without even a mumble, Crowe can show how he is feeling in this scene.  He feels sad, betrayed and angry.  He feels sad for the tragedy it has brought to his life, because all the work he has done for himself, for his army, has brought him to a slave’s cell.  He feels betrayed for how “Rome” has murdered his wife and son, and their way of life.  He feels angry for all this and thus is scraping off his loyalty to “SPQR.”  Not only that, he feels pain, in the physical sense of his skin being rubbed off.  Also, he is in pain emotionally after all that has occurred. 

Every fan of Crowe knows that even without words, he can act out his emotions.  It’s a nice change from all the guns and explosions usually used to just fill space in a film.

Crowe has redefined those early, silent films of the movie industry.  He “talks” but with his mouth closed and his eyes flickering.  

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