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Troy with Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt

If you have been educated in the "western" cultures, then there is a good chance you have heard about the story of Helen of Troy, and how this beautiful woman made men battle each other for a decade.   

On a humorous note, it makes you think of the mating season in the fall.  This is the western world's version of a mating season.  :-)

The troublemaker of all this is of course, Paris, played by Orlando Bloom.  The only problem now is if "Helen" can be depicted by an actress who can uphold such a Homer-like, thousand-year old symbol.  It's possible, especially if you can make Pitt and Bana fight each other, and if you can make Bloom steal you away.:-)

It will be interesting to go see this movie not only because of the stars in the movie, but also from which angle the screenwriter has focused the story.

Here is a brief summary of this well known story according to empiremovies.com:

In the year 1193 B.C., Paris (Bloom), a prince of Troy, stole Helen (Kruger), Queen of Sparta, away from her husband, Menelaus (Gleeson), setting the kingdoms of Mycenaean Greece at war with Troy. The Greeks began a bloody siege at Troy that lasted over ten years. Achilles (Pitt) was the greatest hero among the Greeks, while Hector (Bana), the eldest son of Priam (O'Toole), King of Troy, embodied the hopes of the people of his city.


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