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Russell Crowe in 3:10 To Yuma

It was a surprise to see this movie being shown in September when it was tentatively scheduled for November.  There were no advertisements, or I’m not watching enough TV or surfing online enough.  So I called up my niece to see if she would like to go see it and she meant “no” when she said that she didn’t like westerns.  So I basically said that I think Crowe and Bale are some of the best actors working today and again she didn’t like the fact it was a western.

After looking online she changed her mind and said she'll meet me at the theater.  What did she think of the movie?

First, what were my thoughts after seeing the movie?  WOW!  It’s a great movie!  My husband should have been in town to see this movie, because he loves westerns, to the point that I can’t help but joke about it all the time.

Crowe’s character is a multi-faceted one and Russell Crowe pulls it off.  You can’t help but like him even though he is a cold-blooded killer.  From the first shot of him on the screen to the last of him in the end, what gifted screen presence.

His character is like one that simply floats over everyone else, like he knows something more than anyone else, like he’s above the law, because he knows and understands more.  At least this is what came away with me after the movie.  Details to support this:  quoting Bible, artist, sees many sides of a situation, appreciates Bale’s character, his confession to Bale, his respectful way of approaching and talking about women, his non-judgmental manner, how he takes care of the posse, how he warns Bale's character of a man about to shoot, how he goes in the train for Bale's sake, how he could have killed Bale's son but doesn't.

Artistic details that stood out:  The beginning scene of the sons sleeping in their beds repeats in the middle of the movie to give the movie two main halves.  Crowe's sketches separating sections of the film.  The detail of the teenage son discovering compassion and love for his father in the end.

Why should you go see this movie?  Maybe my niece’s reaction can convince you.  From someone who doesn’t like westerns and who hesitated to see this movie, she said it was great and was glad I mentioned it to her or else she otherwise wouldn’t have gone!  She said it's a movie she'll have to think about some more.

Not only will you have to think about this movie, you'll also be highly entertained.

This means, her aunt, sometimes knows what she's talking about!

Russell Crowe

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