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Another Message From Russell

Thanks to Maximum Crowe for the post!

3/25/05Another message from Russell!

so as usual the media and some sad types have picked up on what I've written to you and turned it, but also as usual the vast majority of you get it and understand and thanks for all your positive feedback.and no matter what Bruno says,if you've got a question,ask him,or Ray for that matter. apart from the I-tunes stores,over time we will have information for you as to what service you will be able to use in Australia etc all the places you ask us about that I-tunes doesn't cover.

Russell Crowe maybe I shouldn't write to you in this manner because it certainly gives lazy and petty people something to do with their days,however,all the other options are quite simply tainted.we don't demand anything of the sites we offer things like this too,they are independent and can post or not.for those of you asking for official corporate structures, for minute to minute minutiae and for things to never change or evolve,please go away.

my enthusiasm for these new songs is in no way meant to denigrate tofog or anyone who has played in the band or anyone I have written songs with.

I love the guys in tofog and have had some amazing experiences with them.

I have always written from the heart,but is it too hard to imagine that I might have always felt I was capable of more,as a composer ,as a lyricist;that I could simply do better.i thank all of you that have expressed love for certain songs and hope you find something in the new ones.

I took the advice of some well known colleagues and turned down the white noise that can come with a band with a 20 year history.and allowed myself in the studio to concentrate on the simple tasks of composition and singing,not being a den mother,designated driver,referee , father confessor or travel agent as my job in the band seems to include.

I wrote a song called raewyn with Alan Doyle in Toronto in June or July,he happened to have planned his honeymoon for nz and aust in Jan/Feb,we hooked up after he and his wife had a grand adventure, he was going to be around,eucalyptus fell over ,I had time and we both had the inclination,stories just started to pour out.after a couple of weeks of writing,we called some guys up to the farm,spent two weeks in the padded cell,popped down to the pub at coff's to try out some songs,lived and breathed recording 24/7 and here's a record.there is nothing sinister or strange,it was all in the moment.if you will recall I did say in my buried reply to the telegraph, after their coverage of the demise of eucalyptus became about vilifying me,that it would only serve to make me write more songs.once again,just telling it how it is.
if there is a strange thing about my friendship with Alan,it's that for two guys who spend most of our time together laughing and talking s**t,we write some serious stuff.

sensationalizing this is just pointless.

as usual the press are using phrases like "embarking on a solo career".no I'm not,I've just made a record,we will try very hard to set it up in a way you can get it without you having to resort to illegal means ,and if you'd like us too Alan Doyle and I ,and all the other guys who played on this record,would love to meet you in a venue somewhere and sing you some songs.

that is all it's ever been about.music is it's own reward.

but as I said I need to chat this through with dani and understand her plans with her new record and if any of this traveling can coincide because I can only go a certain amount of time without seeing my family,about 45 minutes apart and panic sets in.as I said we are doing a lot of talking about things and appreciate your input re towns and venues.would somebody go over to necie's place please and cheer her up.
April 19th. [Song released on iTunes]

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