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Cinderella Man movie

Russell Crowe concentrates on Cinderella Man movie.  Go see this great actor's work when it opens!  If that's not enough, see what Ron Howard has created!

Russell CroweAren't you a bit curious how a team of Crowe and Renee Zellweger would produce?

Here is a testimonial from one of his costars regarding Russell's focus on the work at hand--

In today's Sydney Daily Telegraph and Melbourne Herald Sun, Paul Bettany fiercely defends Russell and disputes his co-star's reputation in tabloids. He tells reporter Daniel Hoy:

" 'I don't know why people jump on him, I have worked with him twice and that constitutes nine or 10 months and I have never once seen him smack anyone or be out of control when he was drunk,' he says with a fierce conviction.

" 'He is a frank human being, that is what I would say about him. But if you took that away from him he would not be the person people pay millions of dollars to go and see in movie theatres.

" 'I was in Mexico with him, we were working all the hours God sent. He (Crowe) was working more. I was learning the cello every night, he was learning the violin every night.

" 'We had to learn four f--ing pieces of Mozart and then the shooting schedule was so full on.

" 'Then I would read in the papers the next morning that he had been in Tijuana in some bar fight - it could not have happened. I just find that stuff rude.' "

Above is from the news page at Maximum Crowe:  http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Cinema/1501/indexnews.html#news

According to this site, the movie has been pushed back to June 2005:  http://www.thezreview.co.uk/comingsoon/c/cinderellaman.htm

Find news about this movie at this great Russell Crowe website:  http://www.murphsplace.com/crowe/braddock/cmnews.html

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