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Master and Commander The Far Side Of The World

Watch From A Closer Level

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The purpose of this article is to show how we can watch Master and Commander The Far Side Of The World from a closer level.

In the movie, Peter Weir shoots Captain Jack Aubrey several times as the captain looks through the telescope.  In a similar manner, this article, too, will look at this great movie through the closer lenses of a telescope.

Any filmmaker who begins a project must know the daunting aspects of where to begin.  Thanks to the writers who save time and money.  The writers at least provide something written down from which to begin.  And in this movie, the writing is also done by Peter Weir.

So this movie can be watched not only from Weir’s directing talent, but also from his writing talent.

Also, the more I write about this film from the artistic expression angle, the more I realize the great craftsmanship of this movie.  For instance, the varied artistic levels of the telescope are something to appreciate.  It is wonderful when a film can give a detail so many angles.  Read more about it in the following pages.   

--17.  Beetle.  Another great insect that is used in the movie to give a visual of the friendship between the doctor and the blond boy officer.  When the doctor is reading a book, sulking because he won’t see the Galapagos Islands, the boy gives him a beetle.  When the boy has just lost his young officer friend, he goes to the doctor and the doctor gives him the same kind of beetle.  These moments show the friendship between the two and how they want to make the other feel better during those times when they are feeling down.  Thus the insect details are wonderful because they work not only at this level, but also work at reinforcing the excitement of being a naturalist during this time in history.

Also, the beetle is used as a fitting image throughout the doctor’s segment in the movie which is in the latter half.  For instance, when the doctor catches a beetle, this begins the end of the doctor’s segment before Aubrey turns the Surprise into the Syren.  Catching the beetle at the same time he sees the Acheron is an effective juxtaposition.  He realizes that staying alive is more important at this moment in time than the specimens.  That is why the specimens’ cages are opened and left behind.  So, at this point, he can relate with Aubrey and later on the captain can relate with the doctor through the stick bug.-- 

These details and possibly more that you discover as you watch this excellent movie, show once again why movies today continue to be a chosen form of entertainment. 

Thanks to Master and Commander The Far Side Of The World, we are once again shown that even while fashion and mode of transportation may change, a lot has stayed the same, “good and bad,” and through the art of film, we can enjoy laughing, crying, and thinking about it.  

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