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A History Of Violence Movie

Visit the official site, http://www.historyofviolence.com/, click on “q & a” and you will be taken to a page where you can now read Director David Cronenberg's answers to fans' questions (Available August, September 2005).  Here is one "q & a":

"John Elliott:  Would you recommend reading the graphic novel prior to seeing the movie?  How much of the film is based on the graphic novel? "

Director David Cronenberg:  "No I wouldn't.  Only the first fifteen minutes or so of the film is directly related to the novel.  After that, they go their separate ways.  Reading the novel could spoil some of the movie for you, though, so I'd suggest reading it afterwards if you're interested." 


The title of this movie sounds like a college professor's reading assignment for the semester, when you will be tested on it during the famed "finals" and your only help was a syllabus.  

Despite this "academic" headliner, the title is clear on what the story will be about.  There is nothing more clear than saying, "A History Of Violence."  

According to the comic book, a man, (Viggo's character, Tom McKenna--Last name has been changed to "Stall" in movie), who is living a quiet, "normal" life gets a lot of attention after a supposed self-defense act at a diner that he owns.  Was it really self-defense or a continuation of "hiding" his violent past to protect his current family life which he eventually finds out becomes more difficult to maintain?  Twists in the story would be welcome! 

A History of Violence (directed by David Cronenberg) book is listed at Amazon, but no copies are available on today's date, July 31, 2004.  (A History of Violence paperback comic book is now available at Amazon.  Some are available on this date, January 28, 2005). 

The date now is October 25, 2004.  I have read the book.  Thanks to Nancy, an incredible fan who got hold of a copy and sent me the book as a gift!  If you thought the book was a novel, it's not!  It's a comic book!

Written by John Wagner and art is by Vince Locke.  The picture on the front cover online is not "very clear."  On the book cover, it shows a bat, barbed wire, an ax with blood on the tip and an electric drill.  All items lie on a pool of blood.  When I saw this, I prepared myself for what I was about to read.  It's pretty gruesome and hard to believe.  It's hard to believe people commit such violent and psychopath acts (although wars in our lifetimes make you wonder).  I've been told that the violence on this book is not a surprise especially if you've seen movies like Goodfellas and Casino which I have not yet seen. 

First impression is that the violent actions of Viggo's character stem from his love of his family.  He's the good guy and does not commit acts that are as violent as the mafia.  However, Viggo's character, Tom McKenna's love for his grandmother, wife and kids, can be a strength as shown in the end, but also a weakness as shown in the beginning.  His act in the beginning out of love for his grandmother is what gets him into trouble.  Although McKenna may feel that his actions to help his grandmother are justified because what he is doing is taking back what the mafia takes unlawfully.

It will be interesting if Viggo wears glasses like how Tom McKenna is drawn in the comic book that would seem to be easier to adapt to the screen because the comic book is already in pictures, the dialogue is clear-cut, and there are no lengthy, additional subplots.

Prepare yourself for the gruesome scenes, if the movie stays true to the book.

If you are a true Viggo fan, simply enjoy Viggo and his work and don't let the violence keep you from seeing this movie or reading the book!

History of Violence movie pictures.

More on this movie--pictures now included at http://www.thezreview.co.uk/comingsoon/a/ahistoryofviolence.shtm

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