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Most movies center around one or two couples that are the main characters of the film.  Sometimes, one couple is the "serious" couple and the other is the "comic relief" couple.  In the Lord of the Rings movies, because of the scope of the trilogy, the "coupling" of many characters are a significant part of the story.  Who are these couples?  Strider and Arwen.  Mortensen and Legolas.  Gandalf and Saruman.  Frodo and Sam.  Frodo and Gollum.  Legolas and Gimli.  Mortensen and Boromir.  Mortensen and Eowyn.  Merry and Pippin.  Frodo and Bilbo.  Frodo and Gandalf.  These all play an important role in giving the characters more meaning by placing them in a "couple" situation.  

For instance, the following Legolas Aragorn Pictures illustrate how their interactions reveal more of their characters.  For example, in Two Towers, Bloom hasn't quite found peace with Strider's stance to fight for Helms Deep.  However, in the end, Bloom shows how his character places his whole trust in Strider and helps to fight.  Thus, Bloom's relationship with Aragorn has deepened.  They are no longer merely Fellowship companions working toward a common goal.  They are no longer simply a human and an elf who have become friends because of the protection each can give the other.  They now have trust, and this has deepened their relationship.

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