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Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises Movie

My niece and I went to see this movie.  Again, she’s impressed with another movie I ask her to go see.  What did she think of Viggo?  “He’s hot!”

Now that this is out of the way as she speaks for many Viggo fans, what about the movie?

The movie has a great cast that balances itself from the horrific throat-cut scenes to the goodbye kiss Nikolai gives Anna.  For some reason, you long for more at the end of the movie.

When you read about Viggo’s preparation for this role, you can appreciate the end result.  He is outstanding!  Every scene he’s in is strong.  You wonder if he can surpass himself and it happens in this movie. 

What about the much-talked-about naked bath scene?  From an article by Pam Grady, on September 11, 2007, Viggo says, "You have to remember that basically you're children.  Talk about innocence, you have to allow yourself to be innocent when you're making a movie.  You have to be like children, because after all, you're putting on funny mustaches that aren't real. You're putting on clothes; you're calling each other by names that you are not.  It's like playing in a sandbox and you don't want to lose that naiveté and that innocence.  You want to create a reality.  You can't be cynical and you can't be too adult."

This explanation reminds me of the Dana Carvey comedy special when Carvey describes his young sons and how they ran around the house naked.  Because this seemed to occur too often, Carvey had to set aside time in the day for “naked time” for his two, young sons.

So Eastern Promises has its own, innocent, “naked time.”  It works.  It’s a great scene.  It’s hot!  Enough said.

What have Cronenberg and Mortensen started?  More actors baring themselves in future?

You can see Eastern Promises trailer here:  http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809794102/video/3182401/

Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts in Eastern Promises


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