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Viggo Mortensen and A Walk On The Moon

This movie shows Viggo Mortensen in a whole new way from his role as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.

I was awestruck at how handsome he is in this movie or maybe I’m still mesmerized by the Lord of the Rings movies.

He looks like his role--a free spirit, with a good heart, who just moves with the wind as proven by his taking up an affair with Diane Lane’s character.

He has a unique face that’s quite hard to completely grasp.  But it’s the kind that keeps you wanting to look some more.

He’s the good-looking mystery man that would attract any housewife who has not acted on her dreams.  So he becomes the replacement or “bandage” for her unrealized dreams.

Thanks to movies like A Walk On The Moon, Mortensen has plenty of screen time for his fans.

You can get the movie here:  A Walk on the Moon (1999)   DVD   VHS



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