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Viggo Mortensen As Frank T. Hopkins In Hidalgo

Because I've recently become a Viggo Mortensen fan, I wanted to research information on who Frank T. Hopkins was.  The website below answered my question--that is, the website claims "authenticity" of its information.  According to this website, Hopkins was a man who told "tall tales" about his life.  Because of this, I will go see the movie with "fiction" eyes.  What I mean is, now that the claims of Hopkins' life are considered "hoax," I will watch the movie from what it is--fantasy.  So I will watch Mortensen's character as exactly that--a character developed in a writer's screenplay--based on stories of a man who lived his life in "stories" that aren't supported by historical data or facts.  It will be interesting to see if the movie will even touch on the "hoax" part of Hopkins' life or if it will stay true to the fictional yarns that Hopkins had embellished himself.  Maybe the movie will end with Hopkins "dreaming" it all.

Again, because of my interest in Mortensen's character, I ended up checking out many Buffalo Bill books on William Frederick Cody--who had quite an amazing life!--In his day, he was the biggest "movie star."  As I looked through the books and could not find any reference to Hopkins, I wondered why he was not mentioned, even once, even as a caption for a picture, or a brief mention in the text--for a man who supposedly was in the Wild West Show and who won a 3,000 mile race!

After reading the website below, now I understand why.  Thus, I will watch the movie, Hidalgo, with how well the movie presents the "dreams" of Frank T. Hopkins.


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