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Hidalgo Movie

As I was searching for more information on Hidalgo, I found an article that gives the possibility that White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is being considered for a possible location for the Hidalgo Movie.  Why did this catch my interest?  Because I've been to White Sands, first over a decade ago, and second, in 2002 with my husband and two sons.  My sons climbed and slid down the dunes and had a great time.  Should the movie use White Sands, I will recognize it.  It's a great setting that fits Viggo Mortensen. (It looks like White Sands was used for the Transformers movie. It worked!)

Here is the article on the possibility that White Sands might be used as one of the locations.

The opening for this movie has been pushed forward to March 2004!  

From the news here, it appears the Guadalupe Dunes have been used instead.

Posted on Fri, May. 16, 2003:

News briefs from California's Central Coast
Associated Press

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The county economy got a Hollywood boost this year with rural stretches of Santa Barbara County playing a prominent role in production of three motion pictures this year.

Universal's "Seabiscuit," with Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges, filmed scenes in Santa Ynez Valley, Disney's "Hildalgo," with Omar Sharif and Viggo Mortensen, shot a Moroccan desert scene at the Guadalupe Dunes and a film called "Spartan" used the county as a backdrop.

There is the possibility that the movie's name will change:

Friday 17th January 2003: Hidalgo Update:
Rumors are circulating that Hidalgo will have to have a name change for the Latin American film market to avoid confusion with the name of a revered hero of the Mexican War for independence.

Thursday 8th May 2003: Hidalgo Update:
Rumors are circulating that Hidalgo has undergone a name change to Into The Fire. This was based on the name the movie was called at a test screening, it's notorious for films to have code names for test screenings, is this one of those ocassions?

The information above can be found at this great website that shows pictures and news of the movie:


Also, here is link to more pictures of Hidalgo set.  There is the feeling the pictures were taken without anyone knowing.

The movie is set to open either in August 2003 or October 2003.  As of May 19, 2003, it is shown that the movie may premier July 4, 2003.

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