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Viggo Mortenson Poetry

In the introductory article of Viggo Mortensen's book, Recent Forgeries, he talks about going to an art show in New York.  After seeing the show, he says, "So much has already been done and there's not much that's new.  You can't let that stop you though, because the actual exercise of just poking around in the debris is worthwhile."  

This is reinforced by the following quote:  "Poetry is a game made difficult for the fun of it."

Here are some phrases in his poetry that made me look at them more than once:

"A jet heard only when it's gone."

"A window might as well be a wall."

"Motion is a sanctuary."

"Sounding like a sack of broken chandeliers."

"At the end of yesterday."

To me, these stand on their own as phrases, even when taken out of context from the entire poem.

Also, in the excellent movie, G.I. Jane, Mortensen recites the following poem by D.H. Lawrence:


I never saw a wild thing

sorry for itself

A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

without ever having felt sorry for itself.

This, of course, is meant for Demi Moore's character and is the heart of the film.  

More poetry here and Poetry Site Map.

Viggo Mortenson Poetry can be bought here:

Recent Forgeries

Coincidence of Memory

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