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Viggo Mortensen Ebook:  More Unsolicited Responses

Viggo Mortensen Ebook more unsolicited responses.

"I failed to tell you when we spoke what a great job I thought you did on that book.  I enjoyed it immensely and now think I will purchase the hard copy to add to my library." 


- Joanne Kokalj, Chicago, Illinois (unsolicited response)


"I ordered your e-book and enjoyed it immensely.  I've recommended it to multiple groups that I'm a part of."


- Holly G. (unsolicited response)

"I am enjoying it very much."

- Jane Hiler, San Francisco, California
(unsolicited response)


"you do good work; i have enjoyed reading about this wonderful star..."


- Laurie Dave (unsolicited response)


"I received the Viggo ebook and it looks very impressive.  I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. Thanks for all your effort in making it available."


- Margaret Sebastian (unsolicited response)


"I'm a student of Tolkien and interested in the movie people's take on the author and his works.  From what I've read already you've provided interesting insight.  I appreciate your help and your efforts."


- Nan Rinella, Amarillo, Texas (unsolicited response)


"I just finished re reading the book about Viggo Mortensen.  I like the way that you seamlessly added the extra information.  I recognized some of the articles that I had sent to you.  It was a pleasure reading the whole book again.  You do a very good job of portraying the whole Viggo.  I think that you do a very good job of finding out the true character and interesting points of those you write about.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks."


- Doris Jean Wilson, Morgantown, West Virginia (unsolicited response)  


"I read your book last night.  Thank you.  Well done."


- Donna Darien, Connecticut(unsolicited response)


"Thanks for sending the book.  I've read few pages and I know I will enjoy it." 


- Sherry Faust, Reserve, New Mexico (unsolicited response)


"I think you're great to do business with!  I enjoyed the book, too!"


- Kim McKanna (unsolicited response)


"I enjoyed your book and truly appreciate the research you pulled from various sources to 'paint a picture' of Viggo." 


- Shelly Robertson (unsolicited response)


"P.S. Truly enjoyed your book on Viggo Mortensen."


- Jo Anne (unsolicited response)


"What a pleasant surprise.  And most appreciated.  Enjoyed the Viggo book.  You do good work."

- Jack Sudduth, Fort Washington, Maryland
(unsolicited response)


"Thanks so much!  I was able to download and print out my book immediately and am already enjoying it."

- Betsy Paine, Houston, Texas (unsolicited response)


"I am enjoying the book."


- clmkiha @ comcast.net (unsolicited response)


"By the way - you are quite a good writer!  Your work is articulate, intelligent and easy to read.  Kudos to you."


- Terry Pfister, Rolling Meadows, Illinois (unsolicited response)


"I've finished reading the book after 2 days and
it's great!  I'm glad I ordered it, it was a very interesting book about a very interesting man...
By the way, the additions are just as great as the rest of the book!"


- Kerstin Klapoetke, Germany (unsolicited response)


"Thank you so very much!  What a wonderful and compassionate book!"


- Boz'ena Lasala, Arizona (unsolicited response)


"Just wanted to say thanks for your energy and also for the beautiful, organized and interesting ebook you put together/created."


- Lori, Tucson, Arizona (unsolicited response)


"Thanks for sending me the book so promptly.  I love it!  I was glad to see it updated with current info.  I also want to compliment you on your professionalism.  I found no errors in it, or on your website.  That's a pet peeve for me, typos and bad spelling etc.  I'm old fashioned, or maybe just old. You can tell by the way I type complete sentences with capitals, punctuation and everything!  I'm going to take my time reading my book and enjoy every second of it!  Thanks again for such a good time with Viggo!  I also love the premise you used to do it, any excuse to think/dream/swoon over Viggo!!!!"

- Ann
(unsolicited response)


"I found it fascinating.  The book shows the man behind the actor and how talented he is in so many areas.  It gave me a sense of the person he is, a man I would very much like to call friend.  Keep up the good work.  I have reread your ebook several times.  Great writing."

- Margie Mayne, Mentor, Ohio
(unsolicited response)

"I am ejoying your book very much - it contains some interesting facts and insight."


- Ivy Winters, San Francisco, California (unsolicited response)


"I have been reading the ebook.  It is very good.
It gives an otherwise unseen view of Viggo
Mortensen as a person, not just the characters 
he portrays on the screen."


- Nancy Shomo, Upland, California (unsolicited response)


"I bought your e-book a few months ago.  I love your e-book." 


- Denise Pepin, Quebec, Canada (unsolicited response)


"I'm reading the e-book, so far I'm really enjoying it.  It's certainly an easier read than all the bits and pieces and articles I have collected.  I'm sure that any fan of Viggo would enjoy reading your e-book.  I also appreciate the two bonus articles on The Lord of the Rings movies.  Thanks again."


- Randee Eckstein, Commack, New York


"I really enjoyed reading your Viggo Mortensen e-book.  It certainly gave me additional insights into him as an actor, an artist and a person.  And who couldn't like being able to read so many articles about an actor they really enjoy!  Thanks for putting together such a wonderful compilation.  It satisfied (for the time being anyway) my desire to learn more about this very fascinating man.  Keep up the good work!"


- Colleen Huston


"I loved the ebook!  There was a good bit I didn't know.  The ebook certainly improved my surgery recovery time.  Now I go back to it 'just for fun!'"


- Sage Kristyen, St. George, Utah




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