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Viggo Mortensen desktops

It is incredible how we now have electronic desktops, literally.  All that used to stack up on our wooden desks are now stored in cyberspace.  The phone has mutated into email.  The rolodex has become electronic address books.  Books and paper have become computer files or CDs.

Thus, calling our computer screen a "desktop" makes sense.  Or if we no longer need the traditional word of "desktop" to help us understand the use of our computers, how about calling our computers something that possibly may be more fitting?  Such as "Cyberscreen?" 

Or if nothing else comes to mind, you can even give it the nickname, "Viggo Escreen?"  Or the name of any of your other favorite celebrities?

You can find Viggo Mortensen desktops from these links:

This is a great website that has a large collection to choose from.  You can tell the fan did a lot of work and it is appreciated!


The next two links are wallpapers from sites that offer many other celebrities:



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