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Unexpected Widow Ebook

Single, Alone, Making Decisions By Yourself, Healing, And Restoration


In Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, he says the following:

“If you want to transform your karma to a more desirable experience, look for the seed of opportunity within every adversity, and tie that seed of opportunity to your dharma, or purpose in life. This will enable you to convert the adversity into a benefit, and transform the karma into a new expression.”

“Begin by asking yourself, ‘What message is the universe giving me? What can I learn from this experience, and how can I make it useful to my fellow human beings?’ For example, if you break your leg while playing sports, perhaps the message is that you need to slow down and be more attentive to your body. And if your purpose in life is to teach others, then by asking, ‘What can I learn from this experience, and how can I make it useful to my fellow human beings?’ you may decide to share what you’ve learned by writing a book about playing sports safely. This transforms your karma into a positive experience.”

Chopra’s words and all the other books I’ve read have helped me focus on the purpose of what I’m going to write about, which is to share what I’ve learned after experiencing unexpected loss.

Why complete such a task? Possibly, what I went through may help you in some way.

For me, I had to cope with unexpected death. You may have the same experience, whether from suicide, car accident, long-drawn-out wars, stroke, illness, sudden heart attack, or the myriad of experiences we humans go through.

All of us will experience death, expected or unexpected, whether the loss is a spouse, beloved family member, a close friend, a pet, or anyone or anything that was dear to us.

I found that while I was reading books to take time to focus on healing and reaching out to connect with my spirit, I was also led to write for the ones who are left behind and in some small way hopefully help them cope.

I was left behind, my two sons were left behind, friends and family were left behind.

I learned the things a widow finds out when she suddenly must cope with self, family and financial matters.

There are the many forms to fill out; then there are the prayers.

There are the phone calls to your lawyer; then there are the messages to the soul world.

There are the drives to the bookstore; then there are the spiritual words.

There are trips to the grocery store for limes you squeeze into limeade; then there is desire to sit still quietly, drink it, while seeking to connect to the Highest Source and through this connection, you know that while you may be “alone,” ultimately, you are not.

Becoming alone again, becoming single again, or becoming a widow means paying attention to both, “breath and bread.”

How does one do this? Do nothing and have everyone else do everything while you let them hold your hand and pat it sympathetically? Or get down to taking care of business and at the same time gear up your soul for the emotional tsunamis?

Would you rather be the former or the latter? This Ebook focuses on the latter.

This Ebook presents the soul searching alongside the practical work. 

These are the two experiences that are shared because our lives here on earth consist of the “daily breath” side by side with the “daily bread.” 

You must focus toward healing while at the same time take care of practical concerns that need immediate attention.

That is, to heal, you now know that going forward you prefer kindness and understanding in yourself and others. I recognized this and looked to surround myself in this path, to work toward it.

You may have thought of yourself as kind and understanding before, but now it is no longer just a thought, it is your entire conscious being. You seek it, look for it, surround yourself with it, be it. You become aware this is the change you seek not only in others but especially more so in yourself.

While restoring your well being, you must also manage all the legalities that come with becoming a widow, widower, divorce’ or single person again.

Becoming single again, being alone again, making decisions by yourself, healing and restoration are the steps that one becomes forced to go through. It doesn’t matter what order you experience these. They can be present all at once or at times one is stronger than the other.

So if you find yourself single again, because you lose a spouse, or because of the end of a relationship, this Ebook is for you.
While this Ebook may share my own experience of becoming an unexpected widow, this Ebook also relates to any relationship that dissolves and the healing that follows.

By sharing with you through this Ebook, may you also discover the soulful support as well as the practical solutions that you, too, can apply to your own circumstances.

This is a journey to be shared, take part in, cry out together, toward overcoming loss, simply to get back to functioning in this life, and to filter-in all that you have gone through into who you are and how you react with yourself, with anyone immediately around you, and with the rest of the world.

May the experience shared in this Ebook prop you up toward acceptance, renewal, love, peace, as well as the practicalities that must be done for you to move on.

Unexpected Widow Ebook is 118 pages and is available as an Ebook that you can start enjoying immediately.

If you have any questions about the product or purchasing the product, please send an email to Marina at rundellmarina@gmail.com or by phone or text at 913-269-3177.

Also, you get a full 90-day, money back guarantee!

If at anytime over the next three months you are not completely (100%) satisfied that you got your money's worth, you will be refunded the purchase price, even if it's the last day of your 90 days.

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Unexpected Widow Ebook

Only $9.99


Thank you and warmest regards,  

Marina Rundell  

P.S. Feel free to send comments about the Ebook!

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