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2007 Electronic Books Contest

Next year's contest!

2007 Electronic Books Contest

Ebook Contest Winners announced!

Thus far, of the 10 that have claimed their free ebooks, 7 chose Seven Female Celebrities and 3 chose Pierce Brosnan.

Email your ebook choice to Marina at mar @ electronicbookshere.com (There are spaces in the email to avoid spam robots.  Please remove the spaces when you send your email).  Notifications of your win will be emailed starting October 1, 2007.   Thank you everyone!

Originally, 10 winners were going to be drawn.  That has been changed to 20.  Congratulations to the winners below!

1.  Belinda Shaw      ebook sent!

2.  Elizabeth Henry

3.  Anita Yarger      ebook sent!

4.  James Ronald Jenkins      ebook sent!

5.  Angela Jacobs      ebook sent!

6.  Carol Zwick

7.  Beth Shepherd      ebook sent!

8.  Pamela Hansen      ebook sent!

9.  Robert McGrew

10.  Mary Casper      ebook sent!

11.  Summer Dietzel      ebook sent!

12.  Phyllis Dearmond      ebook sent!

13.  Lara L. Aleff

14.  Kathy Scott      ebook sent!

15.  Chanda Meas

16.  Sylvia Bell

17.  Roger Deming

18.  Jeanine Price

19.  Ronald Shaw

20.  Moriah Puckett

Enter next year's contest!

Win these incredible electronic books!  Submit below!

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Enter for a chance to win your FREE prizes now!  

Also, you will receive free monthly column and news of exclusive offers!

Thank you!

2007 Electronic Books Contest Rules:

Please keep your email current with EBH so you can be contacted about your win!

Ten winners will be drawn on October 1, 2007.  This contest begins October 2, 2006 and ends September 30, 2007.  Winners will be posted on this page.

Winners will be contacted via email and will be asked which ebooks they wish to receive as their prize.  Only one ebook per winner.  All others who didn't win will be automatically entered into the next contest.  This applies to everyone who entered in previous contests.

Purchasers of any of the ebooks from electronicbookshere.com will be automatically entered into these contests.

Winners will be contacted several times thirty days after the drawing date.  Should the winner not claim the prize, the winner has until December 31, 2007 to check this website and claim the prize.  After December 31, 2007, the winner will not be able to claim the prize.  Rules to this contest may change at any time.

The ebooks will be sent as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files so Adobe Reader will be needed to read these ebooks.  You can get the Reader free here:  Get Adobe Acrobat

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