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Official Hidalgo Site, TOFOG in Chicago
Monthly Column
August 2003

According to the official Hidalgo site, you all probably already know that the opening of Hidalgo will be pushed forward to March, 2004.  Why?  First, there has been no press given as to why this move was made.  And even if there were, the usual, "blank" reasons will probably be given:  "We feel forwarding the movie's premiere is for the best interest of everyone involved."--or something like this.

In my humble opinion, the bottom line is money, timing, and competition.  First, money--Viggo fans, including the ones who have just discovered him because of ROTK, will be wanting to see another movie of him.  So, this strategy will produce more profits.  Anyway, in October, we will all be too busy planning Halloween parties or looking for costumes for our kids!  :-)  

Second, timing--Again, this involves ROTK.  Why not let everyone enjoy ROTK and then as icing on the cake, go be superbly surprised with Viggo in a whole, new role!  (Popular notion is that a movie becomes delayed because it's not up to par).  It could also go the other way.  The suspense keeps us interested.

Third, competition--There are so many movies opening these days and one never knows when the next big hit will creep up.  Oscar contenders for 2003 usually open late in the year so Hidalgo won't have to compete with these movies and instead will not have so much pressure in March.

I will start to suspect, however, when studios make it the status quo to keep delaying movies--keep us waiting--maybe because they did research and found out that if fans are kept waiting, they will be more likely to go see the movie.  

An example of this is Master and Commander with Russell Crowe.  This movie, too, was pushed from June 2003 to October/November 2003.

Will there become a pattern of movies getting delayed?  Should fans expect this?  That is, when a movie claims a premiere, should fans remain wary?  I'm starting to feel this way.  Announcements simply become just that--announcements.

So my new definition of "movie premiere announcement" is:  I'm standing in line, can actually buy the ticket, and go see the movie.


  • Great Photo of Russell Crowe in Master and Commander at front page of Murphsplace.  His intense face proves once again how he is a great actor.  You can just appreciate how he can wrap his mind, thoughts, expression around his character as the captain:  http://www.murphsplace.com/crowe/main.html
  • TOFOG has added more shows.  Copied from gruntland's website:  "The final two shows to be included have been announced.  Friday August 22 : Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg Canada.  Tickets on sale now : from www.ticketmaster.ca or phone (204) 7803333.  Saturday August 23 : House of Blues, Chicago.  Tickets on sale on Saturday August 2nd.  These are the final shows on the North American Tour.  No additional dates will be added."  
  • I can't speak for other TOFOG/RC fans, but because I like their new CD, I'm excited to go see them at HOB in Chicago at their Monday show.

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