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On Entertainment
Monthly Column
November 2003

This month’s column is on entertainment.  There are many kinds—sports, movies, music, news, and even TV commercials can be entertaining. 

This brings to mind the commercial I saw but haven’t seen lately, due to lack of time to sit down and actually watching something. A lady, who is about in her forties, is happily mopping the floor, as if this were the most fantastic event she has had all day.  

This asks the question--"How effective does this commercial communicate the happiness of mopping a floor with a cleaning brand?"  Some women or men will fall for it, and some won’t.

For those of us who don’t, in defense of the lady happily mopping the floor, we can think of the words in Sound of Music when Julie Andrews says something like, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”  Still, Julie Andrews is acting and the lady mopping the floor is acting—

So this brings to mind the effect of entertainment.  How easily do we let ourselves fall for all that we see?  Are we conscious or unconscious?  With eyes wide-open?

This website is definitely a fan of entertainers and we try, at least, to be “conscious” fans.

Still, as “fans,” how far do we go?  Do we dress up like “those fans” camera men like to pick out and show out on the stands as they cheer for their favorite football player?  

Are we living on a “widescreen-age” as shown in a Star Trek episode where we simply click-in a disk and walk through a door and magic, we are transferred to unusual lands that are out-of-touch with time?

Hopefully, some of us won’t get trapped on those lands, and even if we do, as we enjoy what we see by crying, some of us are conscious of it, or at least still know to peek outside and find out what time of day it is.


Viggo Mortensen EbookDear Marina,

Thanks for the great website.  I enjoyed perusing what you put together.  My husband and I like to research actors when we see a movie we like.  Most of the time, we're disappointed by their real lives - but in Viggo Mortensen's case, we get more intrigued the more we learn.  It's refreshing to see someone who lives a real life off screen.

wife to one and mom to seven


Jack Aubrey actor, Russell Crowe!

Ultimate Viggo Mortensen!

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