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Rhoda M On Proof of Life Movie
May 31, 2003

Hey Marina: Just read your "Proof Of Life" column.  You asked why this film was not received well on its release.  Some people expressed the opinion that the relationship between Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan was the cause.  That seems too simple an explanation.  One would think many people would have wanted to see it because of the notoriety the stars were experiencing.  Curiosity drives many people. Not so in this case, the feed back was anemic because Taylor Hackford just did not bring these two characters to life.  He didn't flesh out the characters.  He didn't connect them.  He allowed Meg Ryan to change Alice's character from a clingy dependent wife to an assertive hostile woman.

Why was she antagonistic toward Terry Thorne from the moment they met?  No explanation!  Witness this, your husband has been kidnapped and you give the only person, an expert in these matters, and the only help available to you, a hard time!  I don't think so.  A very weak plot line.  I did not see any sexual build up on Alice's part.  On Terry's part, yes.  One could read it in his eyes when he looked at her. There were several shots of her face looking at Terry, but you could not discern what she was thinking or feeling.  The way Meg chose to play Alice hurt this film.  If you are a Russell Crow fan, you should watch this movie, because it is one of the rare times you will see Russell as he really is.  His talk, his walk, his natural tone of voice and his physicality.  The scene where he interrupts them counting money and
eventually disarms them stands out.  It is like a ballet.  He reaches to his left disarms one man, pulls his own revolver with his right hand to cover the character on his right.  Even Taylor Hackford remarks on how beautifully he executes these moments.  This was all pure Russell Crowe and he did what he does in all his roles, played it exactly as he should have.  

Taylor Hackford did a better job on the DVD commenting on the film than he did in actually directing it.  Such a shame, because the more you watch this film the more you like it.  It gets better and better each time, because of Russell, David Caruso and David Morse.  Just watching the rescue scenes is worth your time.  Watching these actors is pure entertainment.  I must add the cinematography is outstanding.  Just one movie buff's opinion Marina.


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