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Viggo Mortensen Exhibits and After Seeing Russell Crowe And TOFOG In Chicago
Monthly Column
September 2003

Information on Viggo Mortensen's next exhibits:


Information on Russell Crowe and TOFOG:

"The Russell Crowe concert was an absolute blast!  I had purchased tickets to the concert as a surprise for my girlfriend Tracy.  I had given her a couple great clues on the drive in and when she put it together, she screamed with such delight, I was thrilled.  He has incredible stage presence.  It was so much fun to see him smile over and over again.  He not only appears confident, but truly content.  His wife was there too.  Even though you didn't see her, he dedicated a couple songs to her and placed his hand on his heart and looked up to the second balcony.  You can tell he feels love.  His energy level is endless, he came out for three encores.  He ended with Alice Cooper, I'm Eighteen, really rocked the house."-- J. Iverson

"I have a friend (J. Iverson above) who loves RC, and sat me down to listen to his CD.  Frankly, it was pretty darn good.  Russell's first love is music, and the fact that he puts such energy and dedication into his music AND his bread-and-butter business, acting, speaks of integrity to me.  So, it sounds like you saw TOFOG...what did you think of the band and the performance?"--Terry Pfister, t.pfister@comcast.net

To answer this question, here are four, separate thoughts on the TOFOG concert:

Also, one of RC's biggest fans got to see TOFOG twice!  Thanks to Kay Anderson, kay@evanstongroup.com, for these comments!  

On Tuesday's show, August 19, 2003:  "I loved it!  Awesome!!  My friend and I went and loved it and, in fact, I'm going back this Sat with my husband."

On Saturday's show, August 23, 2003:  "Sat night was GREAT!  He told us a "secret" at the end.  All during the concert he alluded to the possibility of telling us a secret.  Then at the end he said "it's a boy!".  My husband (who used to be a priest) made the comment about Russell later, "he really seems to be a good guy!"  He had copied down the "ten commandments" from up on the House of Blues wall and read them (they were not the Biblical ten commandments) but just great values.  It was inspiring.  He was inspiring.  He'd be a great friend to have (and I'm sure that's what all the fans there thought!)."

Thanks Kay for sharing us more about the concerts!  There are definitely some benefits for living near Chicago!

On Monday's show, RC also mentioned a secret he was going to reveal on Saturday.  Thanks to Kay for telling us what the secret is!

Congratulations to Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer!  Recommended Reading (for everyone expecting):  What To Expect When You're Expecting by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, and Sandee E. Hathaway, B.S.N.  They also have other books for the later years.  

Also, the Master and Commander trailer is being shown at the movies now.

Russell Crowe Ebook!





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