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Monthly Column
August 2004

If you are just now discovering Viggo Mortensen, and yes, this is possible, as emailed by one of his new fans (see below), you may have found that he has the following books:

books viggo mortensen at Amazon:

Recent Forgeries

Coincidence Of Memory



The Horse Is Good

Hole In The Sun

Complete list of books by Viggo Mortensen and other artists at Perceval Press.

You can get Hidaldo movie here! 

Also, Amazon has a page on A History of Violence, Viggo's next movie.  Hopefully, the book will be back in print.

"I've just discovered Viggo last month, sitting down watching "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy (which I always thought was a kids movie), with my husband and daughter....and I was hooked!!  The movie(s), too, are my absolute all-time favorite..thanks again, and anything else on him you can pass along."  --Diane Farquhar, DianeFarquhar@msn.com

We fans have read about someone smashing open Mr. Mortensen's car window to get his poems and short stories.

Wanda emailed EBH to express her feelings about the subject.  Possibly, what she says will give a voice to our own similar feelings.  

From Wanda Chapman, rotten1@together.net:

"You would think that someone knowing how much that poetry meant to him, that they would return it in a heart beat - but, I have found after doing years of rescue work, that humans are stupid, cruel and inhumane.  They are the only creature that purposely sets out to hurt another.  I am not talking about feeding upon, We humans will sit and think out how to kill, how to maim in the worst manner available and then even when we know it will hurt another, we do it.  First to have the audacity to break into someone's car in the first place!!!  Sometimes I am ashamed to admit that I am human.  My heart sank so low when I read about it - I actually cried for those lost words found deep from someone's heart and soul... It isn't because he was a star - he could of been a homeless man from NY city - I would feel the same way!!!"

"I have lost a few poems over the years and every time I think about them, it hurts my soul, my mind says 'Oh well, you can write another one' - but my soul aches beyond anything else.  It feels like someone you have loved for your whole life has died - I cannot imagine losing 3 yrs worth of poems and stories, if I cry over just a few it must be torture for him.... My soul aches for him."

" I thank God that I have back up copies of "We the Battered" and "I wish I could of Known" Oh, to loose them - I'd be in a ball on the floor for months crying...... I would never get over the loss of those ones.  I do miss "Yukon" tho, I wish I could find that one - Funny - I can remember the place in which it was born - vividly, and when I wrote it, on the paper I wrote it on - but I cannot remember the words..... I hope it is just tucked away in some drawer of mine and I find it again..... Weird, I met this horse, was a part of his life and death for all of maybe 1 1/2 hours and he inspired such a moving poem...... sigh......"

"I wish there was someway I could help.  Heck, I don't even know what city he lost it in - I am assuming that it was LA or in CA someplace.  God, It just breaks my heart thinking about it!!  I will keep looking on your page to see if it is found and returned to the rightful owner.  And I will continue to pray for its safe return."

Wanda shares her poem below:


We the battered need to form unity for ourselves, regain control over our lives, the lives of our children, and the basic rights as a wife, lover and human being.

We the battered do not need to accept the blame for our partners actions, it is not us who is out of control, it is them. Let them take the responsibility for their own actions.

We the battered need to start taking care of ourselves, believe in our own abilities, and take back our spirits so that we can heal them and be the stewards of our own Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls.

We the battered are not being selfish, we are taking care of ourselves. We need to start Loving Ourselves with the same passion we reserve for others, Our lives will love us for it!

We the battered are battered out of "control", not out of "love".

We can express our emotions, laugh and cry, without handing them our hearts.

We can share with them our thoughts, without giving up our minds.

We can share with them our fears, secrets, dreams and fantasies without giving up our souls.

And the wholeness that you crave Heart, Mind, Body and Soul - Mine in Mine and Yours in You, take care of them and be their first love. They are mortal, but you are constant. They will make you whole, and your wholeness will give them great joy!

Together, two whole people, Hearts dancing, Spirits making love, I am smiling,
Love feels safe now.

- Wanda Chapman 1989


If you were asked by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to join them in voting for what you consider is the best of the year in the various categories, what would you do?  Viggo was asked this question:



Russell Crowe pictures at murphsplace!

Kris Kristofferson and TOFOG.

These two music talents together?  That in itself is enough to see how it went.

Check your public television schedules here to find out when TOFOG will be on Soundstage.  It has been advertised that it debuts in September 2004.

Gladiator"Hooray!  I really look forward to receiving this.  Russell's performance and character in "Gladiator" is my favorite.    --Rebecca Stager, flowwalker@yahoo.com

GladiatorIf you agree with Rebecca, check out Russell's music.  Even my "music critic" husband praises their work.  He says he stacks up their third CD, Other Ways Of Speaking, with all the albums he's listened to.  It helps that he heard them play live, which when a band sounds great live, he feels is the mark of a great band.  If you open yourself to Russell's voice when he sings, you will understand what my objective husband means about how the personality in Russell's voice gives the music that extra edge.  For example, in Gaslight, listen to his voice in "Circus was just like home" (first track) and "Who was I building that castle for? (track 13).







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