Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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December 2004

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Click on Viggo's picture to go to the Spirit Riders site.  You can send an email or submit your email to find out more about this documentary film, or if you want to buy a copy of the video.  Viggo was a ride participant and gave an interview.  


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Food for thought articles at Perceval Press:  http://www.percevalpress.com/home.html

It's good to see that journalism can continue to have a "Boston Tea Party" kind of writing.  That is, it's good to see we can still question , debate, or even make fun of public officials and policies.  

However, after seeing the Charlie Rose Show on how journalists are being threatened to go to prison (and some are going to prison to keep their sources confidential) because they are being "forced" to reveal their sources, it is clear what "tone" officials of this country are heading toward.  

I remember when the Travel Channel was young and one of the shows at that time was called Travelers.  There were 3 young ladies and 3 young men who went around the world to experience the festivals of many of the countries in the world.

One country they visited was Prague, Czechoslovakia.  This was soon after the Soviet Union "broke into pieces."  One of the young men was out on a sidewalk trying to get interviews from the residents.  The camera man patiently kept his camera at all the pedestrians who coldly stared into the camera or who frowned at the young man who tried to get them to simply talk, say anything, even a squeak of a sound.  

This segment clearly illustrated that these people have been living in silent fear for so long that now that they have become an independent nation, they haven't quite adjusted to any kind of freedom of speech.  They know what talking will get them--prison.  

Should the United States push for putting more and more respected, political journalists in prison, then everyone, brace yourselves!

Imagine Jay Leno out on the sidewalks of our major, metropolitan areas trying to interview pedestrians in his jaywalking segment and everyone quietly and coldly stares at him and walk away in fear.

There is a balancing act in this world, and fortunately, political journalists are fighting for their rights.  Should they lose, hopefully a greater balancing act will take over, especially if we believe in the words, "America, America, God shed his grace on thee..."

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