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Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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Fahrenheit 911 Movie Review
Viggo Mortensen Magazine Covers
Monthly Column
July 2004

Go see Fahrenheit 911

Wonderful poem from June 2004 home page at Perceval Press:

"As you may know, we lost an outstanding American writer recently when Hubert Selby, Jr. passed away.  He was certainly one of those artists who inspired countless readers to face life with honesty and courage.  By way of remembering him, we offer the following by Kenneth Patchen:"


O now the drenched land wakes;
Birds from their sleep call
Fitfully, and are still.
Clouds like milky wounds
Float across the moon.

O love, none may
Turn away long
From this white grove
Where all nouns grieve.

--What I like about this poem:

  • opposites of "call" and "still" and how they both end with the letter "l" sound.

  • sounds of "wounds" and "moon."

  • Line break from "call" and "Fitfully."  Rhythm goes with "Birds."

  • Line “Clouds like milky wounds/Float across the moon."

  • Phrase “nouns grieve.”

  • The "gr-v" sounds depict what is being said in "grove and grieve."

Read more about Hubert Selby, Jr. and Kenneth Patchen.  Article written by Hubert Selby Jr.:  Why I continue to write.  Reread the poem and you may like it even more.

Viggo Mortensen Magazine covers page one.

Magazine covers page two.

viggo mortensen alatriste.

Autographed picture of Viggo Mortensen.  Thank you Pilar Massaguer for sharing!  Pilar sent Viggo a complimentary copy of Hipica Catalana magazine and a picture for his autograph and Viggo signed and mailed back!

Also, thank you to Pilar for the magazine covers!  Highly recommend you tell everyone you know who owns horses to contact her about her quality custom-made saddles!  

Pilar Massaguer exclusive interview with Viggo Mortensen for Revista Hipica Catalana MagazineClick to go to magazine's website.


Russell has said in his earlier interviews about his music that he will not put his picture on his album covers because his music is special to him--his own stories.  This is true with the two earlier TOFOG CDs:  Bastard Life Or ClarityGaslight.  Times and views change and he has put his picture on their 3rd and wonderful CD, Other Ways Of Speaking.  Even though he has submitted to the marketing tool of putting a star's face on the cover, at least it's not a sugar candy kind of picture, and if you are a true Russell Crowe fan, you will like the picture.




Download TOFOG music from their official site.  From their home page, click on the "Music" link and you will be taken to a page to listen to parts of their songs.

Order Master and Commander The Far Side Of The World.

New live CD/DVD by TOFOG.


Russell news at murphsplace.





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