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Hidalgo And Spanish Mustang
TOFOG CD And Ron Howard Interview
Monthly Column
March 2004

Hello Marina,
I have truly enjoyed your site. I have, like yourself, just recently became a "Viggo Fan". I'd like to "share" the process with you, it is somewhat comical, even to myself. I am a Spanish Mustang breeder, promoter and endurance rider for about 22 yrs. I noticed Viggo's name on the "Hidalgo" website. I obviously am very familiar with Frank Hopkins and the whole story. By the way I am not convinced it is a "hoax". I have seen at least a couple of original newspaper articles about 100 plus years old, at an old Spanish mustang aficionado's ranch in Finnley Okla. in 1987. The old cowboy, Gilbert H. Jones, was collecting anything and everything that had to do with Spanish mustangs. 

Back to Viggo, I was ecstatic that finally somebody was making a movie about triumphs of the Spanish Mustangs. I just wasn't sure about this "Viggo character", to me he was a total stranger, since I was not a "Lord of the Ring" fan. Then I saw a feature on him at the Vanity Fair Magazine, and I knew he was absolutely perfect for the role. I can hardly wait for the premiere. 

As far as that silly controversy with the "Long nosed Riders Guild" it is Sour grapes for them! As far as I am concerned, this is not a Documentary, but it is entertainment and Disney got at least two important "facts" in Hidalgo; Frank Hopkins was a real person, and a damn fine rider, and the Spanish Mustang is the greatest endurance horse in the whole world. I have rock solid proof to the latter claim! Last but not least Hidalgo is going to be a blockbuster in spite of the "Long nosed Riders"!!

--Anne-Marie Pinter, owner of Windwalker Ranch, home of the Legendary Endurance Horses of the "Old and Today's West, the original Spanish Mustangs!
Georgetown, Ca.

Hidalgo opens March 5, 2003.  Official Site:


See Viggo on Thursday, March 4, 2004 on David Letterman.


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New live CD/DVD by TOFOG.

Article and interview with A Beautiful Mind director, Ron Howard:



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