Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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Hidalgo Movie Pictures
And Custom-Made Saddles
Monthly Column
May 2004

What is art film?  "A motion picture produced as a form of artistic expression rather than as mere entertainment."  (Oxford American Dictionary).

What does this really mean?  That when Viggo Mortensen as Frank Hopkins wins the Ocean of Fire race as shown on picture below, there are lessons to be learned, ideas to be considered, thoughts to be connected to?  Hidalgo Artistic Details.


  Hidalgo    Hidalgo

Pictures courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures © Richard Cartwright


More Hidalgo Movie Pictures.


Incredible custom-made saddles!  Samples show a variety of possibilities and styles.  Click on image for more pictures.  Contact Pilar Massaguer at pilar_mass@terra.es for more information.





Pilar Massaguer exclusive interview with Viggo Mortensen for Revista Hipica Catalana Magazine.  Here is the cover of the magazine!  Click to go to website.

Revista Hípica Catalana


Foundation to educate the public on wild mustangs and burros:  http://www.wind-dancer.org/.  If you want more information about this foundation, please contact Michael, ThWnDancer@aol.com.


Laws of Attractionin theaters now!  Pierce Brosnan ebook.


Order Master and Commander The Far Side Of The World.

Article on RussellSee picture of Russell--April 2004.

TOFOG's Other Ways Of Speaking.

New live CD/DVD by TOFOG.





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