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A History Of Violence Movie
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Monthly Column
November 2004

Thank you to an amazing fan, Nancy, who somehow obtained a copy of A History Of Violence book.


Nancy was able to obtain a copy from http://www.powells.com.  You can enter your name on a waiting list until a copy becomes available.


Here is Nancy's reaction to A History Of Violence book:


"I finished A History of Violence comic version.  Don't waste your $8.50 plus shipping for it.  I hope the storyline changes.  They portray Tom McKenna as a goofus.  (Viggo deserves more than that) It's him in glasses from Albino Alligator.  It jumps around with a lot of blams, blasts, pows, etc.  All in black and white. Let me send it to you so you can form your own opinion.  This comic version is violent and descriptive.  God only knows what they'll do on screen...It's a good thing it's all in black & white.  A little gruesome for me if holds true on screen.  More like a Quentin Tarantino film to me."


VMThank you to Nancy for sending me her copy of the book as a gift, I have a copy of the comic book and have read it.  I agree with Nancy and I had a similar reaction after reading the book.  I do feel that Viggo will do a good job with his role.


If you really want to read this book, which doesn't take long because it's a comic book, and not a novel, it's worth it to try and obtain a copy and "compare the book with the movie."  [This kind of "mind exercise" can help out November 2nd as we go vote. :-) ]


Picture on right from Yahoo News.


Respect to Senator John Kerry and Senator John Edwards and to all the celebrities who were spokespersons for Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards.  Your voices are very much appreciated, the kind that has made this country great and is the voice that prevails.



On Viggo's character in A History Of Violence movie.


viggo mortensen idaho.

viggo mortensen girlfriend.


Fahrenheit 911 DVD


Napoleon Dynamite Movie Review and elections


Cinderella Man movie.

Jim Braddock.

Thanks to Russell Crowe Heaven for these TOFOG pictures on Soundstage.  Click on a number and you will be taken to pictures which may appear on the computer screen very slowly.  The pictures are great!  Thank you again RC Heaven!







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