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Electronic Books Here Is Three Years Old
Monthly Column
October 2004

Electronicbookshere.com (EBH) celebrates its 3rd anniversary this month.  Thank you to all the fans and celebrities who make EBH possible!  You are truly appreciated!  (The celebrities featured on EBH are not associated with EBH).

Why is October EBH's anniversary?  Because the first ebook sold on October 2001.  It was a Russell Crowe ebook.  Thank you to Mr. Crowe for helping to start EBH and thank you to Mr. Mortensen for helping to continue EBH.

And to all of you who visit and support EBH and to your openness to this website, a very heartfelt thank you!

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Here are the 2004 contest winners!

  1. Polly Johnson
  2. Heidi 
  3. Kathleen Haas
  4. Carol Angellmore

The winners will be contacted via email and have until December 31, 2004 to claim their prize.

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Shopping viggo mortensen--cross-stitch pattern:



Because this is a Presidential election year, I was thinking about the dialogue from the movie, Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World. Captain Jack Aubrey says, "The Lesser of two weevils."  What he says as a quip during the dinner scene with his officers becomes realistic choices on November 2nd.  

Also, in the TOFOG song, "What You Want Me To Forget," Russell Crowe sings, "I voted for you last time, nothing changed in my life."  

How have our lives changed the last four years?  "Our" applies to those who own the economy, the 9-5 worker, and the invisible.

The last four years saw "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."  That pretty much covers it.  Whatever changes came to be in our lives, at least we've discovered Russell Crowe and Viggo Mortensen as part of our movie entertainment and for sure there will be predecessors to these actors for future generations.  That's the good news.

Back to politics--on November 3rd, who would have voted-in the one deciding "The lesser of two weevils?"  Yourself, the media, talk-shows, polls?  And as far as polls, how are polls set up?  How many people are asked and at what parts of the country?  How reliable are the tabulations?  (Somebody pitch a poll show idea to Michael Moore).

As far as weevils, one of them is our need for fuel:


Have you ever driven down a neighborhood and saw children driving their electric powered cars?  And next to them are their parents’ gas powered SUVs?

It is clear the adult population has not fallen in love with the electric car or any other type of alternatively powered mode of transportation.  That is why the "electric car" has been handed down to the kids.  Why?  Because there is a higher chance of profiting from this market.

Imagine, however, the child’s world, where these electric powered cars will hopefully give happy, childhood memories of these toys, and thus, the children will grow up thinking how an electric car may be a good alternative to their parents’ gas guzzlers.  Will the electric car or any other alternative fuel transport make a comeback in future generations?

Because of our dependence on oil and the companies that provide the oil rigs and the like to any oil-rich country, the fuel weevil is "drilled" to stay.

If we were in a war ship under the command of a "Captain Jack Aubrey" we wouldn't have a choice.  The Captain (if he's not on vacation) will decide the "Lesser of Two Weevils" as the enemy ship glides parallel and is about to fire.  Let's just hope the captain can pronounce the command and not get tongue-tied.

In this kind of ship, we don't have a choice.  On November 2nd, we do have a choice.  






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