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New pictures of Alatriste Photocall
Monthly Column
April 2005

Thank you to viggo.allstarz.org for new pictures of Alatriste Photocall.


What's nice about galleries is that you can see favorite pictures as well as ones you have not seen before.  Thank you to www.viggo-mortensen.org for these Viggo Mortensen galleries:  http://www.viggo-mortensen.org/gallery/


Two pictures from Alatriste photocall:







Thinking About Taxpayer Money

After listening to J.C. Maxwell’s audio CD titled, “Thinking For A Change,” which I had checked out from the library to put to good use my “taxpayer money,” I agree with Mr. Maxwell that the different kinds of thinking he presents in his CD apply to many, successful people in many facets of their lives.

So when I “imagine” members of Congress or decision makers in powerful companies, I can agree that most fit Mr. Maxwell’s view of a “thinking person.”

Sometimes, however, this “thinking” process can diverse to the kind of thinking where money is blatantly taken from every American Citizen.  Consider the article I read that is presented at Perceval Press:  Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit,Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Wednesday March 16, 2005, © The Guardian.

“The Pentagon stood accused of sitting on a damaging report from its own auditors on a $108.4m (£56.6m) overcharge by Halliburton for its services in Iraq yesterday…”

When you read something like this, consider how you are viewed by these soon-to-be billionaires.  You and I are no longer people—we are now a label—called “Taxpayer Money.”  It is so much easier to “steal” from labels.  Your daughters.  Your sons.  Our friends.  Our hard-working spouses.  We  no longer exist to this kind of thinking.

Let’s hope, the opposite kind of thinking will never go away.

Robots Movie Review


RCCinderella Man Trailer:


Opens June 3, 2005.


Message From Russell.  March 24, 2005.

Another Message From Russell.  March 25, 2005.


russell crowe calendar



OBKingdom of Heaven Movie













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It is Springtime, after all!  Picture taken from a recent trip to Death Valley.  Hope the picture boosts something beautiful in your day!  Thank you for visiting and have a great day!


Death Valley






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