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December 2005

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Linger:  New book by Viggo Mortensen!

History Of Violence Picture

A lot of links for interviews, premiere photos including this one:  http://movies.about.com/od/ahistoryofviolence/

Picture of Viggo:  http://movies.about.com/library/weekly/bl092305b.htm

A picture of the insane side of Viggo: http://brego.net/viggo/movies/history-violence/index.php?gallerycatId=62&id=453


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We’ve all heard the saying that money isn’t everything.  This is true, that is why the government wants the power, too.

As parents, when your children open their birthday, Christmas or special occasion envelopes and find inside a check for their gift, you may tell your children that you will deposit that money into their bank accounts.  Because your kids don’t value money at this stage as much as playtime, they let you, no questions asked. 

Now, the government is telling us that on April 15th, when they receive billions of dollars, not from inherited free-welfare-like money, but from the 8 to 5 that Americans give of their lives, they will deposit that money into an account called a Secretive Government Agency. 

The difference here is that the government has shown many times that it has not always been the trusted parent.

Unlike our kids who can ask about their account and even go and see their balances, every American is not allowed to see where their money is going.  The bank, also called the Secretive Government Agency, has no ATMS, no drive-thrus, no tellers, no front door.  There is a huge back door, however, where public money pours in and pours out into many secretive pockets. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all give ourselves secretive raises, too?

See article below:

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov’t Agency

GOP Lawmakers Propose Forming Secretive Federal Agency to Spur Vaccine Development

By ANDREW BRIDGES Associated Press Writer

The Associated Press

 WASHINGTON Dec 2, 2005 — By creating a federal agency shielded from public scrutiny, some lawmakers think they can speed the development and testing of new drugs and vaccines needed to respond to a bioterrorist attack or super-flu pandemic.

The proposed Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, or BARDA, would be exempt from long-standing open records and meetings laws that apply to most government departments, according to legislation approved Oct. 18 by the Senate health committee.

  • Those exemptions would streamline the development process, safeguard national security and protect the proprietary interests of drug companies, say Republican backers of the bill. The legislation also proposes giving manufacturers immunity from liability in exchange for their participation in the public-private effort.

"We must ensure the federal government acts as a partner with the private sector, providing the incentives and protections necessary to bring more and better drugs and vaccines to market faster," Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said when the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved the bill.

The agency would provide the funding for development of treatments and vaccines to protect the United States from natural pandemics as well as chemical, biological and radiological agents.

But it is the secrecy and immunity provisions of the legislation that have alarmed patient rights and open government advocates. The agency would be exempt from the Freedom of Information and Federal Advisory Committee acts, both considered crucial for monitoring government accountability.

"There is no other agency that I am aware of where the agency is totally exempt either from FOIA or FACA," said Pete Weitzel, coordinator of the Coalition of Journalists for Open Government. The coalition is an alliance of journalism groups, including the American Society of Newspaper Editors and Associated Press Managing Editors, that wrote to lawmakers seeking amendments to the bill. "That is a cause for major concern and should raise major policy concerns," Weitzel said.







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