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77th Oscars
Monthly Column
March 2005

Thank you to Paula for her words of encouragement! 


"Hi Marina.  I just wanted to take a moment and say "thank you' for sending out these emails.  It's a great source of information.  Last month you sent out a notice about the Viggo calendar.  I received my copy a few weeks ago, and it has some great pictures!  I would have never known about it if it weren't for your email, so thanks."

--Paula Thomsen


Free Ebooks -- Two Hollywood Marriages and Seven Female Celebrities.  


Pictures of Viggo:






--Thank you to this website for above pictures.  http://www.viggo-mortensen.org/


Viggo's art:




--This photo is shown at Perceval Press' Exhibition and Events page on February 28, 2005.  The title is "Topanga 8, 2002."

viggo mortensen merchandise:


Bid on a Director's Chair Autographed by Viggo Mortensen.  Current bid as of February 27, 2005 is $1,300:


Get Hidalgo DVD here.

Get Hidalgo Soundtrack here.

Return of the King DVD.

Poetry readings on CD including Viggo.

New Yorker Out Loud CD

Viggo Mortensen Filmography

A Walk On The Moon DVD.  Go here and you can search for more of his movies.

Books, CDs, T-shirts:



Black and White picture of Viggo:



Many thanks to http://www.viggo-online.net/, a Viggo Mortensen fan site that is closing its online doors at the end of February 2005.  Your website was a great place to visit for all Viggo fans!  The Home Page says, "This wasn’t a decision easily made but rather the painful realization that our private lives demand more attention."


77th Oscars

The Academy Awards are always fun to watch.  Jamie Foxx just won for best actor.  Morgan Freeman won for best supporting actor.  A Spanish song won for the first time.  Ziyi Zhang is invited to be a presenter.  It seems that the "Hollywood State Line" continues to slowly and surely broaden.

What would possibly happen if it didn't?  We would be going to see interesting relics at such exhibits similar to the Forbidden City Exhibit or "Treasures of the Czars".

However, because we are living now, today, at this very moment, thanks to the Academy Awards and what it represents--art--that three-letter-word.  

So when Jamie Foxx’s daughter told him that even if he lost, he was still good, she simply was bringing to her father’s attention a feeling that connects us.  And the Academy Awards celebrates this feeling on a "state line" called art that everyone can drive on.






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