Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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May 2005

"I ordered your e-book and enjoyed it immensely.  I've recommended
it to multiple groups that I'm a part of."
--Holly G., hollyg @ nettally.com


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The only free pictures of viggo mortensen would include the many galleries from fan websites including this one.


Aragornfrank hopkinsPictures.


History of Violence opens September 30, 2005.


First showing will be at Cannes:


"LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 20, 2005 -- "A History of Violence," the highly anticipated new thriller from acclaimed filmmaker David Cronenberg, will make its world premiere in competition on Monday, May 16th at 10:30 pm as part of the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, it was announced today by Rolf Mittweg, President and COO of Worldwide Distribution & Marketing."   --http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/050420/084996.html






Viggo Mortensen picture from El Capitan Alatriste photocall:




Thank you to Pilar Massaguer for translating this text from a Spanish magazine:

"The actor, born in New York 46 years ago, showed his moustache, his blue eyes and his perfect Castilian (Spanish) in his recent visit to Spain to get acquainted with the background in which his adventure will develop".

Picture of El Capitan Alatriste cast:



RCCinderella Man Trailer:



Opens June 3, 2005.


Cinderella Man Pictures.


Russell Crowe music.

Russell Crowe's new website.  Includes lyrics, news, gallery.






OBKingdom of Heaven Movie


Kingdom of Heaven Movie Review


Opens May 6, 2005.


This movie is Rated R.  It will be interesting if this rating will prevent the young age group of Orlando Bloom's fans from seeing the movie.


Orlando Bloom Backgrounds from Kingdom of Heaven movie.






When A Child Becomes An Example Of The Theory Of Evolution

A few months ago, when my son was six years old, he asked, “Mom, does God have babies?”

My immediate answer was “Yes, through Mommies.”  Basically, that was the best answer I could think of at that time.  Then he asked, “Where do babies come from?”  And I answered, “From Mom’s tummies.”  He seemed to have accepted this answer for the time being.

Then a few weeks ago, he asked, “Is there acid in tummies?”  And I answered, “Yes, to help digest the food.”  And he asked, “What is digest?”  It breaks down the food until it becomes liquidy so our intestines can absorb the vitamins and minerals into our cells.  When I said, “cells,” he knew what I meant because we had talked about it previously and he explained to me what cells were to show me what he knew.

To confirm my answer, he asked again, “So acid makes the food smaller in the tummy?”  I answered, “Yes.”  Then he asked, “Well, if acid digests the food in the tummy, how can the baby survive in the tummy?”

The time had come when I knew that the tummy explanation wasn’t good enough and I had to correct myself and explain that babies actually are kept in the dark in the uterus and this was near the tummy.  I explained that I had told him that babies were in the tummy before because the baby was in the vicinity of the “belly.”  This went on for more explanations until he had proven his theory that babies are not kept in tummies.








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