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Viggo Mortensen Pictures
Monthly Column
November 2005

Viggo Mortensen Pictures below include paparazzi shots while he is walking on a Paris sidewalk, during a drama workshop, and a reading of "Voices" in Los Angeles.  

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Thank you to this site for above pictures:http://www.viggo-works.com/index.php?page=243


Thank you to this site for above picture:  http://www.viggo-works.com/index.php?page=243


Thank you to this site for above picture: http://www.viggo-works.com/index.php?page=541&offset=0

Thank you to viggo-works.com for sharing pictures.  The pictures may be available temporarily from the news page.

exene cervenka and viggo mortensen

Viggo Mortensen candid photos

Viggo has a new CD:  Intelligence Failure

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October 31 And Concert

Did you buy your children costumes?  I’ll bet you a lot that many parents did not fail this test.  Possibly you bought a Batman costume, a Superman or even a Darth Vader costume.  Something that has a cape (Sorry, Mr. Incredible).  And if you, like a good parent, bought the costume way before the end of October, this means for the whole month you have been asked, “Mom, can you tie this?”  So you tie the cape and your children play pretend for a while.  Minutes later, you again hear, “Mom can you tie this?”  So you tie the mask and off the kids go again to their pretend land.  Until they realize to complete their make-believe, they need something else and to get this done, they come to you and ask, “Mom can you tie this?”  So you tie their belts and you’re thinking the outfit is complete.  Except they go back to you and comment, “Mom, you didn’t tie it tight enough.”  So you tie again.

Already next time you’re thinking “Velcro.”

Until your kids find their old capes with the Velcro.  So they ask, “Mom, can you Velcro this?”  So you do what they ask, with a small case “v” for Velcro as a verb.

So you tie, tie, tie gain, and Velcro, in between the dishes, laundry and more dishes.

Next, after many dress rehearsals later, the costumes go inside out, so you are asked, “Mom, can you fix this?”  And because you have been well-trained, you fix the costumes even before you are asked.

So you soak in and wonder at all this activity until that number of “31” when capes are a big deal, because at this age, your children should have flown from the nest.

For now, however, enjoy all the tying and velcroing, and because mom’s truly are only human and wish for a break, here’s a tip:  Tell your kids you are going to wash their costumes so every time they ask when they can put on their cape, tell them it is still in the wash.  If you don’t, consider the cape already worn into shreds.

What you may be feel, like Elastigirl, because your kids know how to stretch the same question as far as it can go.

Unexpectedly, my husband makes a suggestion.  He says he saw a poster announcing a Richie Havens concert on Thursday, October 27, at Liberty Hall, in Lawrence, Kansas.  He says we better go because you never know when he will be giving a concert again, so we drive over to Liberty Hall to buy some tickets.  I didn’t know who Richie Havens was, but my husband did.

It turns out, I was watching A Walk On The Moon that was being shown on TV in conjunction with A History Of Violence, and when the Woodstock scenes were being shown, my husband heard, “Freedom,” and he immediately informed me that the person singing was Richie Havens.  This caught my attention so I looked forward to the concert.

Before the concert, while everyone was taking their seats, I noticed that many in the audience, about 90%, were about 50 years or older.  Some had gray hair which they tied in a ponytail.  My husband and I were definitely one of the 10% who were younger, even though we are not much younger.  The rest included the college-age kids who came with their parents to see the concert.  This older group seemed to know more of Woodstock and what it represented because while I may have an idea, these people lived through it, a time when my husband and I were still learning our ABCs.  That is, these people did not get stuck in the 50s.  The fact they are making time to see a Richie Havens concert proves it.  (Even if some may be stuck in the 60s, Richie Havens brings them to the present when he mentions the current government.  The tone of what he meant is similar to what Viggo Mortensen and Charlie Rose talked about during the Charlie Rose show on PBS:  Being patriotic does not mean supporting your government.  Being patriotic means supporting your country and what it stands for and what it was found for).

During the concert, Richie Havens would tune his guitar between each song.  He apologized for this and explained, “I have two ears.  One ear hears something and the other ear hears something else.” (audience laughs).

The concert was truly enjoyable and Richie Havens performs often his signature strumming style and left thumb over the fret, and while some, sadly, are developing arthritis at his age (something that will catch up with all of us one day), Richie Havens was amazing, the energy of his fast strumming style, his singing, and the general spirit of his concert, where he talks about how in the 50s, when he was growing up, people were dumb and they were taken advantage of, and then things turned over and the 60s became hip, and in the next decades, we have been trying to figure it all out, what happened back then, and in 2005, he says, we’re back in the 50s.  He says this as if whispering in someone else’s ear, like a hint.

After the concert, as fans stood in line to get autographs, I kept thinking how fortunate the people in front of me were, a daughter who is introducing a young man to her gray-haired-pony-tailed dad.  They brought their camera.  Richie Havens kindly stood next to each of them while they took pictures.

A picture also would have been nice.  Still, I was happy to get Richie Havens’ autograph on his CD that I bought.  I told him I truly enjoyed the concert, we shook hands and I set down the CD cover for his autograph.  I asked him if he has seen the movie, A Walk On The Moon, and he answered, “Oh, yes.”  I mentioned that this was how I was "introduced" to his music.

After kindly giving his autograph, he places his hand over his heart with his eyes closed, what he did at the end of his show.  I thanked him very much and the next person in line was happy to have her turn.

What a great night!







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