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A History Of Violence Trailer
Monthly Column
September 2005

Hurricane Katrina:  Go to MSNBC online for latest news or find the channel for MSNBC on your TV.  Watch Real Time With Bill MaherRead articles at Perceval Press' home page.  Give donations through these churches or your own local church or organization.  Methodist, Baptist, EpiscopalTeamrescueone.com, American Red Cross.

Compassion:  The deep feeling of sharing the suffering of another; mercy.  A feeling of pity that makes one want to help or show mercy.


See A History of Violence Trailer here:  http://www.historyofviolence.com/index.html?deeplink=trailer

VMGo to this page to find out when Viggo Mortensen will be on TV promoting A History of Violence which opens on September 30, 2005.


Viggo Mortensen Hard Copy Book is now again in stock!

Visit the official site, http://www.historyofviolence.com/, click on “q & a” and you will be taken to a page where you can now read Director David Cronenberg's answers to fans' questions.  Here is one "q & a":

HOV"John Elliott:  Would you recommend reading the graphic novel prior to seeing the movie?  How much of the film is based on the graphic novel? "

Director David Cronenberg:  "No I wouldn't.  Only the first fifteen minutes or so of the film is directly related to the novel.  After that, they go their separate ways.  Reading the novel could spoil some of the movie for you, though, so I'd suggest reading it afterwards if you're interested." 




RCPre-Order Cinderella Man DVD

Russell Crowe Biography

Cinderella Man Movie Official Site




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The Late Game

On Sunday, September 11, most of the NFL teams start their season.  All the teams show up five days late.

The NBA has a new rule.  The shot clock has been extended to five days.  Fans turn to baseball.

God warns Moses of the Pharaoh's deadly arrival and asks Moses to divide the Red Sea now.  Moses waits five days.

Experts have done studies and submitted reports that there are very old levees that need to be reconstructed for storm readiness.  No one is late this time.  No one shows up at all.

We, Americans, have been led to believe that our security is top priority.  We have been shown otherwise in The Late Game.

Americans are injured during a highway accident.  The Late Game Paramedics show up five days later.  

Thus, the Late Game is forced to "talk" a new set of lyrics:  Education, Health Care, Environment, Toxic Mix, Fuel, Infrastructure, Poverty, Shelter, Food, Water.  

Despite the Late Games, America is still a great country because "We the people" have turned to another leadership—our hearts.


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