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viggo mortensen photography and film
Monthly Column
April 2006

Please go to Viggo-Works.com or Viggo Fanbase for more information on fundraiser for OST Health Start at Pine Ridge, South Dakota.   The Miyelo eBay auction details can be found Here.  If you simply want to make a direct donation via mail or Paypal, go here for more informationTo bid on The Horse is Good Go here to make bid on Ebay(Bidding ended--amount $380.00) .

VMMr. Mortensen is having a poetry reading at Beyond Baroque Saturday, April 1, 2006.  Beyond Baroque website (cursor down to April 1st) says the following:

To mark the beginning of National Poetry Month, and in a show of graciousness and compassion, HANK MORTENSEN makes his debut as featured poet alongside established fools SCOTT WANNBERG, whose latest writings appear in Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel and VIGGO MORTENSEN, whose most recent writings are featured in Linger (Perceval). No advance purchases, first come first serve. Admission $10.

--Due to the overwhelming response for this event we will begin selling tickets at 12 o’clock (Noon). Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis. There is a two-ticket limit and no saving space in line will be permitted. We will sell all the threater seats to both shows first (140 total, 70 each show), and then we will sell overflow tickets (lobby and bookstore combined, 110 tickets each show). Lobby is SRO w/video, bookstore has chairs and TV. There will be no booksigning.

viggo mortensen photography and film can be found in his books, including his most recent, Linger.  His films include History of Violence, that premiered on September 2005.  Picture below is from this movie.


Photo from Film Comment, September/October 2005.

History of Violence DVD is now available.  Go here.


On page 27 of Viggo Mortensen's book, Linger, is the poem, Blood of Time.  I like the metaphor of a house that seems to represent material or earthly things.  This house becomes the body with the phrase, "As a boy, I knew my body/and understood it was not mine."

With this theme in mind, there are wonderful supporting sentences and thoughts such as "Soon I'll have to break down scaffolding I've/always assumed was temporary, to leave only what might/stand up to the weather and speak for itself when I am/gone.  It would be ideal to stand still, removed enough to/see what could happen next."

Another includes this sentence after talking about a house and its new cupboards and chests:  "Though these things/are hard to come by, I no longer aspire to bear the/weight of their expectation, or spill more than my share/of time's blood.  To me these vessels seem like snares that/I'm unwilling or unready to enter, and I'd gratefully/relinquish them to the service of others.  This impulse/may only be a futile, short-lived turning away from ends/I cannot escape, as I persist in breathing ruin all day."

The word, "ruin," seems to mean "death," and reverts back to the front cover image of the book.

The title includes the word, "blood," and this is repeated within the text as shown above within the context of aspiring to material things:  "spill more than my share/of time's blood."  Thus, "blood" seems to represents life.  The entire phrase then seems to say that whenever possible there is no need to waste life or "spill blood" for the "weight" of "cupboards."

There are two black and white photographs included with this poem, one of a fork in the road with the dark silhouettes of two trees that are close or on the foreground with a clear sky, shown on the opposite page, and then shown on the same page as the poem, there is a photo of one road with the dark silhouette of one tree that is in the distance with a darkening cloud overhead.  That is, at the fork, a choice has been made. 


viggo mortensen photo gallery  

viggo mortensen and perceval press

viggo mortensen and exene photos

Sigur RosRandee's account of meeting Mr. Mortensen mentions this band from Iceland.  You can go to Amazon and buy this CD.  It is only one of many.  You can also hear samples.


VMWhen I was at the International Center of Photography for the Viggo Mortensen Book Signing, I wanted to buy an ICF Sweatshirt, but the only sizes left were large, so I have looked online and you can buy the sweatshirt in Medium, Large, X-Large from their website.  I bought one in Medium and it has already arrived.  I'm glad to have the sweatshirt.  Go here if you want to order a sweatshirt or other gifts:  http://shopping.icp.org/store/product.html?product_id=2005


http://www.capitanalatriste.com/:  Arturo Perez-Reverte Website in Spanish.


El Capitan Alatriste book translated into English at Amazon.com.  Link also to Spanish--click on Spanish cover:

Captain Alatriste El Capitan Alatriste (Las Aventuras Del Capitan Alatriste)





Linger:  Viggo Mortensen's New Book!  Perceval Press says that this is back in stock.

Academy Awards Results.






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