Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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December 2006

Thank you everyone for your patronage to EBH for the past five years.  Thank you also to all the celebrities who have been featured here.  Because of all of you, it has been a challenging, interesting, rewarding, fun and joyful time.  


While you have helped keep this site going, most of what I take with me and I hope what you take with you from this site is the passion to continue doing things that make you feel alive!  Whether I met you through email, phone, or face to face, it has been an honor.


This month's column will be the last.  I have decided to simply take a break, until something exciting hits me.  :-)  


There is some sadness with saying goodbye, but looking back, what fun it has been!  I hope, you all, also take something positive from EBH.


Again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone!


Marina Rundell



Grizzly Bear, Grizzly Bear,

what do you hear?


I hear Caribou chewing

the tundra at me.


Caribou, Caribou, what do you hear?


I hear Moose chewing

the woods at me.


Moose, Moose, what do you hear?


I hear Fish chewing

glaciers at me.


Fish, Fish, what do you hear?


I don't hear, I know

this stream is as pure as me.


© Marina Rundell, December 2006




SCI went to see Harsh Times on its opening day, November 10, 2006.  It's wonderful to see the movies continually re-energized with writers who become directors like David Ayer.


As long as writers continue making movies that mean something to them such as with David Ayer, movies are better for it.


I enjoyed this movie and for something different, you should go see it, too!    


Also, Freddy Rodriguez and Eva Longoria added to this movie.  However, the main attraction is Christian Bale and he shines.  He has taken a role where he is asked to do things that many actors probably wouldn't do--consider the turkey baste scene.  He is a talented actor!  An ebook should be written, but he is already married, so sorry, ladies.  :-)


David Ayer Harsh Times Interview


Christian Bale Harsh Times Interview




RCIf you are in the mood for a vacation in France, where the countryside is beautiful and the pace is very slow, and everyone takes three-hour lunches, go see A Good Year.  And if you're a Russell Crowe fan, well, it's worth a trip to the theater to see this actor in some scenes such as the empty-pool scene--a funny scene in this movie.




VMAccording to news page at Viggo-Works, Viggo Mortensen's movie, El Capitan Alatristre, does not yet have a North American distributor:  "We have received word that there is currently no release date for Alatriste in North America because they have not found a North American distributor for the film to date. This is very disappointing news and if (let's hope it is when) the situation changes, we will certainly let all of you know."



See quality, beautiful, handcrafted saddle below from Pilar Massaguer.  You can email her if you want to order a saddle to your custom specifications!  Contact Pilar Massaguer at pilar_mass @ terra.es for more information.  (Spaces included in email address to avoid spam robots.  Please take out spaces when emailing).  Custom saddles site map.


Custom Saddles




May everyone have a great holiday season!










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