Philippines Vacation : Travel Guide And Memoir by [Rundell, Marina]

Philippines Vacation Travel Guide and Memoir Ebook

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Linger:  Viggo Mortensen's New Book
Monthly Column
January 2006

Information on Viggo's book signing appearance:  http://www.viggo-works.com/index.php?page=243

Georg Gudni / Viggo Mortensen
"The Nature of Landscape and Independent Perception"
January 14-February 18, 2006

To view invitation, click on link below:

For images and information, click on link below:

Thanks to viggo-works.com!

El Capitan Alatriste Site Map

El Capitan Alatriste book translated into English at Amazon.com.  Link also to Spanish--click on Spanish cover:

Captain Alatriste El Capitan Alatriste (Las Aventuras Del Capitan Alatriste)

I finished reading the English translation of El Capitan Alatriste during the holiday break and enjoyed it very much.  Diego Alatriste, Inigo, Charles, Buckingham, the Italian, and the varied mix of Alatriste's friends make me want to read the next books following this one.  The next book is called Purity of Blood.  Viggo Mortensen bringing Diego Alatriste to life on the big screen will be fun to watch!

Here is a quote from the book on page 199 that is in keeping with the spirit of this website:  "From the monarch to the lowest townsman, in the Spain of Philip the Fourth, everyone had a burning passion for theater.  The comedias had three jornadas, or acts, and were written in verse, in several meters and rhymes...the popularity of the actors and actresses was enormous.  Every premiere  or performance of a famous work brought out town and court, and through the nearly three hours each play lasted, the audience was in thrall.  At that time, the productions usually took place in daylight, in the afternoon after the midday meal, in open-air venues known as corrales."





Linger:  Viggo Mortensen's New Book!  I have ordered this and still awaiting its arrival.  The page at Perceval Press said they sold out quickly and are awaiting new shipment so if you are like me, something to look forward to.

The Golden Globes have announced that History of Violence has been nominated for best picture and Maria Bello for best actress.  Golden Globe Nominations.  


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Russell Crowe calendar:  http://www.murphsplace.com/crowe/calendar/calendar06.html

Russell Crowe has been nominated for Best Actor for Cinderella Man at Golden Globes.  Russell Crowe biography.




OBOrder Kingdom of Heaven DVD Widescreen







Pierce Brosnan nominated for best actor.  Golden Globe Nominations.


There's something about nature that makes you want to say, 

Happy New Year!







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