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Viggo Mortensen Movie Appaloosa
Monthly Column
June 2006

Viggo Mortensen Movie Appaloosa may include the Appaloosa horse--picture shown in this column.

On May 27, 2006, I met Pilar Massaguer in Barcelona, Spain.  It was wonderful to finally meet her because we have been keeping in touch because of our similar interest in finding out more about Viggo Mortensen.  She had written an article on Viggo in Hipica Catalana magazine during Hidalgo as she is known in the equestrian community in Catalonia.  Thank you Pilar for giving your time for an entire day and for the enjoyable walking tour of Barcelona!  During our tour of Barcelona which she began at the Plaza de Catalunya and continued to the Ramblas (promenade), we discovered this wonderful pencil sketch of Viggo.


I asked the artist how much was this original pencil drawing and the artist said, “200 Euros.”  The artist, below, kindly allowed me to take a picture of his work and himself.  Pilar and I could recognize that the artist had spent extra time refining the sketch of Viggo.  It is truly well done and would make a great addition to any personal, organization or family collections.


So if you may one day find yourself in Barcelona, make sure to have 200 Euros cash and you can go home with this sketch of Viggo.  Because the artist was already working on another project, for sure other sketches of Viggo may become available.  If not, you may possibly be able to commission the artist to draw one of your favorite Viggo pictures, including Aragorn.  Or if you have a favorite photo of your family, such as your children, this artist will do a great job of presenting the same photo in pencil drawing.

The Viggo picture shown here does not do justice to what the picture looks like as is.  Pilar has a background in art and has been trained as an artist and I, on the other hand, have no art training but know what I like, so with these two points of view, we agreed that the Viggo sketch is excellently done.

Another interesting surprise at the Ramblas was this lady dressed in what the ladies of royalty would have worn during the times of Alatriste, Viggo’s movie that premieres in Spain on September 2006 and the U.S. on December 2006.  Pilar is on the right with the black shirt and I’m on the left with the orange shirt.

Pilar, Marina

So while you may be on vacation, and do not expect to see anything Viggo, he may turn up in other ways.  That is, while Viggo may provide us with an escape, it seems we cannot escape him.  Consider yourself fortunate and may you have a Viggo day!


Pilar has written a book called La Monta Western about riding horses Western style and she also makes incredible, quality, handmade saddles!

Also, because Pilar is knowledgeable about horses, when I mentioned to her that Viggo’s other next, new movie is called Appaloosa, she immediately said that this term refers to a kind of horse that Native Americans used.  She has a picture of this type of horse in her book, La Monta Western.  The horse is uniquely spotted as shown below from Pilar's book.  (Courtesy of Dawson Photography).



At the home page of Perceval Press, June 2006, Viggo has shared some of his viewpoints on the health care of the United States and the corrupt business practices of people who run companies like Enron.  






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