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Viggo Mortensen Book Signing Page 3
Monthly Column
March 2006 - Page 3

Meeting Mr. Mortensen

Finally, I’m closer to the front and take pictures of Mr. Mortensen, even if he is slightly hidden by the backs of his fans.  I'm thinking I'd be lucky to get one good picture.  I turn off the flash for most of the pictures.  Thank you to Gail who took this picture while I was meeting Mr. Mortensen.


I shake Mr. Mortensen’s hands and tell him I’m glad to meet him.  His hands are warm, soft and firm.  I’m thinking this when I should be introducing my name, in retrospect.  My hands were probably freezing.  

He asks, “What’s your name?” as he opens one of the books and looks for the page where to sign.  I tell him it’s Marina Rundell.  He asks, "How do I spell that?"  So I spell my first name for him. 

I knew I had to ask my next question or I would have regretted the trip.  So I had to ask him.  I say, “I don’t know if you know, but I wrote a book about you that your fans have appreciated.”

He replies, “Someone told me they’ve seen it.  I know.”

I ask, “You don’t disapprove?”

He says, “No.”

I reply, “I’m glad to hear it,” relieved.

He crosses out the extra word in Linger.  I’m surprised because the overall quality of the book makes me, the fan, be forgiving of one little word.  I tell him, “I saw that but I didn’t want to say anything.”  I completely understand.  I have had to do the same with my book about him in updates.

He wraps up signing the books and gives them back to me. 

I thank him and tell him again that I’m glad to meet him.


I stay a bit longer to take a few more pictures because for the first time, I can have my own pictures such as the ones shown on this column and not of ones others have taken.  

I switch my camera from picture to video.  From a bench near the signing table, I video him, as a lady next to me starts a conversation.  

I’m excited that’s why I stay a bit longer, even though the ladies I’m happy to have met are ready to go out to eat.  So we exchange cell phones to get directions to the restaurant because the ladies want to go.  Susie and I stay.

Thanks to cell phones, we are given directions on how to get to the restaurant.  There’s something about walking in big cities that make it a novelty.  We make a few wrong turns, retrack and eventually make it.  The restaurant is not far from the Center.

At the restaurant, our drinks have already been ordered.  We place our meal orders and we are lucky to have had friendly waiters.  One of them takes the picture shown below.  The ladies said it was all right to post this picture of them online.  One of the ladies requested her picture not be shown simply because she prefers her picture not be taken.


The conversation centers on Viggo at first before we move on to other topics.  Kim says she bought Ms. Brice’s book as an alibi so that her husband would allow her to make the trip.  I tell everyone that I should have told Mr. Mortensen that because of him (and thanks to you, his fans) the funds from sales of my book on him paid for two years of preschool for my younger son and one year of guitar lessons for my older son, who has decided to move on to other things.  The ladies are shocked to hear my book has actually sold.  From three years ago to now, it has been an enriching experience writing, updating the book, keeping in contact with Viggo's fans, and meeting Mr. Mortensen himself!

In good humor, we agree and conclude that the real reason Mr. Mortensen is gracious to take one-on-one time with each fan is so that he can rest his signing hand.  In truth, the way he is makes sense how gracious he is toward his fans.

The line at the Center was pretty long and because we were toward the front, imagine those at the back who must have completely turned into icicles by the time they got inside. 

My trip to New York for the Viggo Mortensen book signing was a worthwhile experience.  Not only was I happy to meet Mr. Mortensen in person, I was also happy to have shared time with these ladies while standing in line and going out to eat.  Having to stand in line made it seem a lot shorter.

We prepare to leave and we say our goodbyes.  The ladies helpfully let me know that the restaurant can get me a taxi to my hotel.  I arrive at my room safely.

I turn on the TV and the very first thing I see is the tail end of the trailer for A History Of Violence.  I find this interesting.  Was an HBO premiere being advertised or the DVD?

I turn off the TV and start writing what you have read here.

Thank you, Mr. Mortensen.  Thank you, ladies.

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If you wish to use any of the pictures from this column, please credit this website.  Thank you.  For the ladies who sent in their pictures, please obtain permission from them.

Great collection of photos at Viggo-Works:

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Pictures of Viggo from news page at Viggo-Works:  http://www.viggo-works.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=59424&highlight=#59424






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