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viggo mortensen and venice beach california
Monthly Column
May 2006

viggo mortensen and venice beach california have a connection through Beyond Baroque.  In the brochure I received during my attendance at Viggo’s poetry reading on April 1, 2006, it said that Viggo is a member of the Board of Trustees.  Some pictures below of my trip.  The flagpole had no flag, but a house across the street flew one and the building that housed fire engine trucks behind Beyond Baroque were flying the flag.  Either the flagpole is missing rope or that art simply has "no flag."  Some pictures below.




Picture below from Esquire March 2006:


El Capitan Alatriste premieres September 1, 2006.  Production photo below:


History of Violence DVD is now available.  Go here.

Announcement of Viggo's future movies include Eastern Promises directed by David Cronenberg and Appaloosa with Ed Harris.





Linger:  Viggo Mortensen's New Book!  See more of Viggo's books and other offerings at Perceval Press.

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If you want to make a direct donation via mail or Paypal for OST Health Start at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, go here for more information.



I’ve cooked, dusted and breastfed.

I’ve planted tomatoes that wilted

from out-of-town trips.

I’ve scaled down mail

wishing paper can be

un-invented again.


I’ve checked homework,

read, flashed cards,

drove and drove

from loop to loop

like a nearsighted clock blurring

each tock.


I’ve stopped looking for toys

remaining lost,

tied capes, wiped spills,

clicked buckles,

dropped off pacifiers,

picked up video games,

slid from playgrounds,

hugged from thirst.


Still, my left brain needed

to meet my right

and out burned an ebook

that wanted to be found out.

Dawns still get up for the day

if it didn’t.  Thank you everyone.


I’ve printed and sealed,

stamped and labeled,

emptied cartridges to full,

snapped binders shut for books,

keyed website hours into years.


Everyday is like parting water

that can never be sliced into place,

except when poured

from a pen.


© Marina Rundell, May 2006



You’ve said you know where the fishing’s good

so those you’ll keep to yourself.


It’s too late for me.

I’ve talked too much about where I feed the fish,

not catch them.


You’re quiet and I’m loud.  In between

a pause

when we met.


© Marina Rundell, May 2006






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