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Movies Starring Viggo Mortensen
Monthly Column
October 2006

Movies starring Viggo Mortensen include his 2006 movie, El Capitan Alatriste.  Pictures below of Viggo Mortensen in Toronto promoting El Capitan Alatriste.  Other movies include A History Of Violence and Hidalgo for his more recent ones.  See Filmography for a list of his movies.


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Above photos:  "An exclusive photo of Viggo Mortensen at a behind-the-scenes shoot with the cast of Alatriste, held during the Toronto International Film Festival.  Photo by Jennifer Cooper."

 - http://www.premiere.com/article.asp?section_id=6&article_id=3072.  From Premiere Magazine's website (September 2006), click on Viggo's picture to see more images of Alatriste cast.  Look for Premiere Magazine's December 2006 issue for more of Alatriste. 




Electronicbookshere.com is 5 years old this month!  EBH was started five years ago to celebrate the artist and the art.  Now, years later, to add to that, this website continues because we all, in one way or another, need art.  Whatever the future holds for this website, thank you everyone!


EBH is not affiliated with the celebrities featured here, and because this website wouldn't exist without the celebrities, a grateful thank you!  


Special thanks to Jenniffer, Randee, Leslie, Pilar, the ladies at the book signing in New York and to all who have given a testimonial.  You have shared with EBH and brightened our days a bit.  Also, thank you to everyone for visiting this site and for your support.  


Jenniffer's email, below, shows how art and the artist truly impact our lives.  It's fitting to share her email on this month's anniversary column.  Her excitement and "tangent...to smell the roses" reflect why EBH is still here after five years.


VMJenniffer bought the hard copy version of Viggo's ebook and then emailed asking about Viggo's public appearances.  I received her email early that week of Viggo's appearance in New York for Dr. Johnson's campaign so I emailed her back about that weekend.


On short notice, Jenniffer did attend the fund raiser in Plattsburgh and brought her four boys with her.  Going to see Viggo with four sons and the dogs that she mentions in her email is quite a feat!


Thank you to Jenniffer--she has given permission to post her email about her meeting with Viggo here:


"Hi Marina!

I really understand what it means to be star struck!!  He is so captivating in the movies and so human in real life.  No, it is the other way around!  

I just keep trying to think of how he does what he does with the roles that he plays.  He is magic on the screen, really magic, and pleasantly unpretentious in real life.

My boys were out at the car with the dogs when he drove up by himself in a sporty little black car which he parked next to our red van.  They ran in and told me.  So I went out with my 8 year old, Joseph, to open the door for him.  When I said "Hello!" he immediately looked up from listening intently to Dr. Johnson's finance manager and offered me his hand in greeting.  When he came through the door and saw my little one he struck up a conversation with him.  He asked where Joe was from and Joe said, "Canton".  Viggo naturally mistook this to be Canton, NY where he went to college.  So I chimed in to explain that we were from Canton, CT as Joe didn't know what to say.  He was surprised to learn that we had come from Connecticut for a New York congressional candidate's fund raiser!  Besides the fact that there was a camera with an extremely large lens pointed at us, I was suddenly very nervous with embarrassment.  I had been exposed as a star chaser!!!! Aargghh!!!!  -(which I'm not!! but I was!!).  I was quite aware of my face quivering!!  It was dreadful.

After we all got inside I realized I wouldn't have another opportunity to talk to him.  He made a point to talk to every single person there and to sign something for everyone.

When he was giving his talk, after dinner, he commented on the fact that someone was there from Russia and that someone had even come from CT.  


Now my Catholic guilt for having crashed the party was in full flow (but my ego was trying to put the brakes on it!).  So when Joe and I went up to get the CDs we had won in the silent auction, I strutted up there waving my hand and announcing that I was the lady from CT and adding something like, 'See!  The Connecticut lady has made a contribution to the doctor's campaign'.  His face lightened up and he put his hand out a little bit further to shake mine as I was starting to turn away to escort Joe back to our seats.  It was a different shake from the first meeting one.  A little longer, very soft and warm : )  He seemed to enjoy my little bit of theatrics ... who knows what he was really thinking ... silly woman.

My first impression was that he is naturally a rather shy person and that he listens carefully to what people say.  I would imagine with his close friends and once he is able to be more relaxed, the colorful, deep down himself opens up.  We got glimpses of his humor during the first part of his talk but he was slightly hesitant about bringing that side of himself forward.  These are my impressions, is all.  He strikes me to be extremely diligent, conscientious, honest, devoted, hardworking and most of all
considerate and genuine.  I have to say that I do admire him for the work that he does as an actor.  I think he must be a very reflective person to be able to tap into the characters he portrays in the manner, with the nuance, and with the 'right on the mark' subtlety of expression, that he does.

I can think I perceive that much about him by watching him in a movie and meeting him once?!  Don't I have a great imagination? Maybe I'm just a total goof-ball.

Anyway, we stayed until he and Dr. Johnson went behind a big drape where the bright lights were waiting.  I would have loved to, but I wasn't comfortable to wait outside to have a word with him after he was done with the interview.  I was still feeling that I had sort of crashed the party (although everyone associated with the campaign was actually quite appreciative).   I didn't want to impose on him.  He was jet lagged and tired.  He had just flown in from Europe.  I assume he drove in from Boston too as the car had Massachusetts plates on it.

I do regret not leaving the book I had been reading under the windshield wiper of his car though.  I want to think he would find value and meaning in it, understand its relevance and appreciate the strange irony in the fact that the author is a 'Robert Johnson' and the doctor for whom he was the guest speaker that night is also a 'Robert Johnson'.


Such is life.  The worlds we live are light years different but our paths crossed because I went on a tangent for a brief moment.  I'm glad I stopped to smell the roses last Thursday!  Not to mention, my four boys were thrilled!  I think I earned a sticker in their eyes.  It was literally a whirlwind adventure starting with me watching Hidalgo on TV several days earlier.  The movie Hidalgo, traveling to NY to participate in some grass roots politics and meeting Mr. Mortensen,  sparked some good conversation amongst us about politics, our founding fathers, genocide in our American history and the complexities of life.  Can you believe it?  One man and a movie about crossing the desert on a horse caused such a wonderful ripple in our lives.  The movie is a metaphor for my personal journey.  However, the movie, it is nothing without Mr. Mortensen's performance.  He will inspire my life for a long time to come.  Thank you Viggo Mortensen.  Thank you.


P.S.  I took the bait Marina!  Ha Ha Ha  You know what I mean?"


[Jenniffer is a new Viggo fan after seeing Hidalgo.  Her email reveals the joy for the artist and the art].



Viggo videos worthy of your time.  Because one never knows how long these videos will be available online, take a moment to watch them.


Videos in Spanish.  Any one of the links will take you to more videos of Viggo promoting Alatriste.








Alatriste Video


Video in English


Toronto Film Festival Alatriste video


Viggo's Oswego, New York speech for his support of Dr. Bob Johnson on September 8, 2006:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

© mkculb. Images © Alma.

Click on link to contribute or buy autographed items from Viggo to help Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress campaign:



El Capitan Alatriste premiered in Leon.  Read more about Leon:

LeonLeon TravelVirtual Tourist.




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