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On Evolution, Celebrity Info, And Articles On Writer's Strike
Monthly Column by Marina Rundell
December 2007

This time of year we celebrate faith related events that sometimes are challenged or renewed by social discussions.  How do you see faith and science?  This month's column explains my view through the subject of evolution.


On Tuesday, November 13, 2007, after watching the Newshour With Jim Lehrer on PBS, it was announced that Nova was presenting a piece about a court case regarding parents who sued a school board that voted for Intelligent Design to be taught in 9th Grade Biology Class.  The Judge was interviewed on the Newshour and he explained more about the case.  I was happy to hear that the Judge ruled in favor of the parents.  So I kept the TV on to find out how the two sides presented their case to the Judge.

After watching the great, two-hour Nova special, both sides stated their views and it was clear that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution remains a respected theory in the scientific world because new scientific advances such as Genetics continues to provide evidence to support Darwin’s Theory.

The side of Intelligent Design said that they are not trying to go against a respected theory, they are only wanting to include Intelligent Design as another approach to studying science.  But according to the rules of science where theories must continually be tested and verified, Intelligent Design had a weak argument of claiming that Intelligent Design is science.

Next, the slam-dunk witness to the case that helped the parents was a lady who combed through documents that showed how the verbage of “Intelligent Design” was really “Creationism” disguised as Intelligent Design.  The people who were revising the documents used the magic of word processing and while inserting the words, “Intelligent Design,” to replace the word, “Creationism,” forgot to erase “Creationism” so a word combining the two was shown in court.

This violated the Constitution.  Why did the founding fathers insist on separation of church and state in the classroom or government?  They saw firsthand the negative effects of the grip of religion over monarchs.  This religious power was not always good.  There was evidence then to support this and it seems there’s plenty in modern day also.  This is not to say that religion is bad.  Religion has also done good things, and for those who have had a positive experience with religion, they turn to their faith many times in their lives. 

The Nova special showed that there is a strong force out there in support of Intelligent Design to be taught to the youth in the classroom. 

Fortunately, there is also a much stronger force that supports science, scientists and their respect for Darwin’s Theory.

It seems both sides will continue to fight it out, to the point that the judge and his family were threatened by Intelligent Design supporters.  None in the side of the parents and scientists threatened the judge.   

In search for peace, one of the scientists featured in the Nova program says that faith and reason should complement each other rather than fight each other.  This was spoken while he was shown at his church worshipping.

There are many examples where faith and science go hand in hand.  For instance, a  pregnant woman is in the hospital about to give birth to her first child.  She is facing the unknown, so she prays for a safe delivery, while all around her are scientific advances to help ensure she has a higher chance for a safe delivery.

Another example is at popular athletic events.  The athletes wear scientifically designed shoes and gear and after a touchdown look up to the sky.  Or during a basketball game, an unfortunate accident happens, and the athlete must go to the locker room to be x-rayed by doctors who have scientific training, while the athlete, himself, may be praying or audience members are praying for him, especially when spectators clap for the well-being of an athlete. 

How many times have we prayed because of the weather while at the same time scientific work has helped us monitor the clouds so that for the most part, we can avoid deadly storms.

You may also observe or remember many other examples where faith and science go hand in hand.  Why waste time seeking superiority of one over the other?

Finally, as presented in the Nova documentary, a student’s artwork mural showing how man evolved from apes was stolen and destroyed.  So the question is asked, did man evolve from apes?  Does it really matter?  Evolved or not, we all breathe the same air.  We live in the same planet.  We have eyes, a nose, and limbs.  Even if human eyes, nose, and limbs did not evolve from apes, does it really matter?  We must breathe the same air.  Stop breathing the same air the ape breathes; then indeed, you have a stronger case of being unattached.  Because of this obvious, shared need for survival, how can one not recognize that we are indeed related?  So if we are related, why waste our breath claiming we did not evolve from apes, or for that matter, any other animal or creature?

If the Intelligent Design supporter still wants to wedge himself apart from the ape, the frog, the fish or some other creature, by not acknowledging the Theory of Evolution, that’s fine.  But being separate does not make you exclusive from the things that connect us, including the need to breathe the same air.  Differences become superseded by our fundamental relationships.

- Marina Rundell


Viggo Mortensen related information:

Interesting Excerpts from the novel, The Sun Over Breda, by Arturo Perez-Reverte.  The novel is the third of the Captain Alatriste books that have been translated into English.  You can buy the movie, starring Viggo Mortensen as Alatriste here.  Because the DVD is from Spain, it is in Non-USA format.  However, Pilar sent me a copy from Spain and I was able to watch it on my computer, so it will also work in your computer, hopefully.  It is in Spanish, but you can select to have subtitles in English.

From Page 28:

“For their part, the Catholic states of the south, though still loyal, were beginning to grow weary both of the cost of a war that had been going on for eighty years and of the excessive demands and damage done by soldiers who are increasingly thought of as occupying troops.  All these things were poisoning the air, and to that we must add the decadence of Spain itself, in which a well-intentioned but ineffective king, an intelligent but overly ambitious prime minister, a sterile aristocracy, a corrupt officialdom, and a clergy as stupid as it was fanatic were hurtling us headfirst into the abyss.”

From Page 62:

“The tercios had been waging war against the entire world for a long century and were beginning to not know precisely why, whether it was to defend indulgences or to enable the Court of Madrid to continue believing, amidst its balls and soirees, that it still ruled the world.”

From Page 220:

“At that point Breda was no longer a matter of military interest to Spain but, rather, one of reputation.  The world was in suspense, awaiting the triumph or the failure of the troops of the Catholic King.”

Viggo Mortensen upcoming work:

Perceval Press has Twilight of Empire available for free.  You pay for shipping only.  Click here.


Russell Crowe upcoming work:


Daniel Craig’s movie, The Golden Compass, with Nicole Kidman, opens Friday, December 7, 2007.  

Daniel Craig is in the front cover of GQ Magazine, December 2007 issue in newsstands now.

Daniel Craig upcoming work:


Orlando Bloom upcoming work (Nothing new listed):


Pierce Brosnan upcoming work:

From Brosnan's Official Site Home Page:

November 27, 2007

Dear Friends,

Season’s Greetings.

I’ve just returned from the beautiful Greek islands of Skiathos and Scopolos, where I was filming Mamma Mia this summer and into the fall. I had a wonderful time working with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Julie Waters, Christine Baranski, Amanda Seyfried, and Dominic Cooper.

This January I’m off to South Africa to begin filming an action / adventure picture called Vanilla Gorilla. Married Life, an ensemble piece, written and directed by Ira Sachs and starring Christopher Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Patricia Clarkson and myself is due for release this winter. In fall 08, I will return as Thomas Crown, which will be directed by Paul Verhoeven.....

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